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Borgia (bōr´jä), Span. Borja (bôr´hä), Spanish-Italian noble family, originally from Aragón.

When Alfonso de Borja, cardinal-archbishop of Valencia, was pope as Calixtus III (1455–58), several relatives followed him to Rome. His nephew Rodrigo became pope as Alexander VI, and Rodrigo’s illegitimate children were Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia; the later reputations of these Borgias made the family name a synonym for avarice and treachery.

To the Spanish branch of the family belonged St. Francis Borgia and Francisco Borja (1581–1658), a Spanish general and viceroy of Peru. The direct line of the family, whose senior members bore the title duke of Gandia, died out in the 18th cent. 


After the argument between Michael Corleone and the members of the Vatican, he leaves the building, saying, “We’re back with the Borgias”. Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, later wrote a book about the Borgias called ‘The Family’. It was later revealed, during the broadcast of the television series The Borgias, that the Borgias were the original inspiration for the Corleones. Vito was based on Rodrigo Borgia, AKA Pope Alexander VI. Michael was based on Cesare Borgia, Santino on Juan Borgia, Fredo on Gioffre Borgia, and Connie on Lucrezia Borgia. (x)

drafee  asked:

Hello! would you mind recommending me some books about the borgias that explore borgiacest because i need it in my life :P

Ohh,of course! ^^ But unfortunately there aren’t many,and only in a few of them they take the relationship to a physical level…These are all I know of:

  • The family-Mario Puzo Essential for every Borgia lover.It shows the evolution of their feelings towards each other since their childhood to Cesare’s death (Best of all? Rodrigo ships it!)
  • Mirror,Mirror-Gregory Maguire A version of Snow White but in 16th century Italy,very original.Lucrezia is the antagonist and lot of her actions are moved by her jealousy of Bianca and Cesare. 
  • Blood and Beauty-Sarah Dunant They don’t consummate it,but they were so damn close! However,they do share a kiss that is not fraternal at all.Also one of the best books of the Borgias I’ve read.
  • The Borgia Bride-Jeanne Kalogridis A really good book,narrated through Sancia’s eyes,who’s puzzled when she finds about Cesare and Lucrezia’s affair. Fun fact: Perotto’s murder in Borgia: Faith and Fear is based on this book.
  • Lucrezia Borgia Series-Jean Plaidy Consists of two books: Madonna of the Seven Hills and Light on Lucrezia.The shipping is hard in this one; they’re relationship is more romantic than anything else and basically they just can’t live without the other.
  • Celebrated Crimes: The Borgias -Alexandre Dumas You have to know that Alexandre Dumas isn’t very kind when it comes to writing about the Borgias,and he basically portrays them as the bloodthirsty monsters everyone thought they were.But getting to the point,yeah,it has some canon Borgiacest.
  • Lucrezia Borgia-Victor Hugo Opera in five acts. Cesare is not even a character,but it is well known that Lucrezia has slept with him (and with Rodrigo and Juan,but that’s another matter :P)

There’s also a comic book called Los Borgia,written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and illustrated by Milo Manara that is simply the most disturbing thing I’ve ever read.But still pretty good and with very explicit Borgiacest.

And if you haven’t read it yet: The Borgia Apocalypse. It’s the script of the movie that was supposed to be the continuation to the third season of The Borgias.

Guess that’s all…Thanks for asking me! I love doing these things :P