juan pablo skrt


Phantom promotional photos done right: 

1. Mathias Edenborn, Hamburg, 
2. David Rogers, Toronto, 
3. Dmitri Ermak, Moscow, 
4. Saulo Vasconcelos, Mexico City, 
5. Juan Pablo Skrt, Buenos Aires, 
6. Carlos Vittori, Buenos Aires, 
7. Anthony Crivello, Las Vegas, 
8. Michael Crawford, West End, 
9. Colm Wilkinson, Toronto, 
10. Ethan Freeman, Toronto. 


Masked men. 

Michael Crawford (West End), Juan Pablo Skrt (Buenos Aires), Thomas Schulze (Hamburg), Peter Jorde (Copenhagen), Flemming Enevold (Copenhagen), Ramin Karimloo (West End), Hugh Panaro (Broadway), Rob Guest (Australian Tour), Anthony Crivello (Las Vegas) and Jonathan Roxmouth (Manila/World Tour). 


El Fantasma de la Opera, Buenos Aires March-Nov. 2009

Cast: Juan Pablo Skrt/Carlos Vittori (Phantom), Claudia Cota (Christine), Nicolas Martinelli (Raoul), Ricardo Bangueses (Firmin), Walter Canella (André), Mirta Arrua Lichi (Carlotta), Lucila Gandolfo (Madame Giry), Santiago Sirur (Piangi), Silvina Tordente (Meg GIry)


The Phantom in his lair. Also known as OMG!!!!!!!

1. Michael Crawford, West End.
2. Thomas Schulze, Hamburg.
3. Tim Tobin, Hamburg.
4. Juan Pablo Skrt, Buenos Aires.
5. Saulo Vasconcelos, Sao Paolo.
6. Jonathan Roxmouth, Manila.
7. Dave Willetts, UK tour.
8. Scott Davies, West End.
9. Ron Bohmer, Broadway US tour.  


As the Phantom makes his biggest sacrifice ever, he cling to the one thing symbolizing the life and the wife he could never have. I just love how some actors makes this scene and this prop so poignant. Here’s some of my favourite photos of it. 

1. Thomas Schulze, Hamburg. 
2. Florian Schneider, Basel. 
3. Juan Pablo Skrt, Buenos Aires. 
4. Hugh Panaro, Broadway. 
5. Henk Poort, Scheveningen. 
6. Christian Müller or Thomas Borchert, Essen.  


The Phantom’s “good side”, as requested by anon: 

1. Michael Crawford, West End. 
2. Brian McCann, West End. 
3. Marcus Lovett, West End. 
4. Howard McGillin, Boradway. 
5. I honestly have no idea who this is. John Cudia, USA. 
6. Hugh Panaro, Broadway. 
7. Juan Pablo Skrt, Buenos Aires. 
8. Flemming Enevold, Copenhagen. 
9. Dale Tracy, Hamburg. 


The Phantom’s wardrobe. 

It kinda feels like we only see him in his tailcoat. Truth is he wears several costumes throughout the show - but only one requires an actual costume change. That is Red Death in the beginning of act 2. The other costumes are cloak/coat/robe and hat additions put on top of the tailcoat. 

1. The Mirror/Title song costume (Michael Crawford)
2. The tailcoat and mask (Juan Pablo Skrt)
3. The tailcoat without mask (Juan Pablo Skrt)
4. The Rooftop cloak (Anthony Crivello)
5. The Mausoleum cloak and hat (Peter Karrie)
6. The Mandarin robe (Saulo Vasconcelos)
7. The Red Death (display in Vegas)
8. The Don Juan robe (Japan) 


The prettiest Phantoms, Christines and Raouls I know of. 

Not saying this is how I PREFER them to look. 
Not saying these are the best because they are pretty. 
They’re simply the smoothest looking people in the roles. 
And very good, but that’s not what my post is about.  

Phantoms: Juan Pablo Skrt, Jonathan Roxmouth, Tim Tobin. 
Christines: Claudia Cota, Gina Beck, Elizabeth Loyacano. 
Raouls: Andrew Ragone, Tomas Kofod, Mario Frangoulis.