juan manuel marquez,

My Pound for Pound Rankings

1 - Floyd Mayweather. The only knock against him is that he has only fought four times in the five years.

2 - Juan Manuel Marquez. Just stopped the former P4P king.

3 - Andre Ward. Cleaned out his division and stopped the Lightheavyweight  Champion

4 - Nonito Donaire. Just captured his lineal title. The Golden Boy/Top Rank feud is preventing a fight with Abner Mares, but I think he’d stop Mares. Don’t even bring Rigondeaux into the conversation.

5 - Sergio Martinez. I went back and forth with who deserved a higher spot between him and Nonito. I chose Nonito because he’s been beating beltholders recently and he’s been looking good throughout it, while Martinez has been beating top ten guys and he had the scare against Chavez.

6 - Manny Pacquiao. I’m not gonna say he’s lost back to back fights because he clearly beat Bradley imo. He just got stopped, but he was my P4P up til then.

7 - Timothy Bradley. That fluke ass decision hurt him more than anything. He looked iffy in his first appearance on a BIG stage and then he got a bullshit decision against Manny. He could give most guys at 140 or 147 a run for their money.

8 - Wladimir Klitchsko - Best heavyweight in a terrible era.

9 - Vitali Klitchsko - I think he’d stop Wlad if they ever fought but they won’t so it is what it is.

The 10th is a tossup between a bunch of people

Leo Santa Cruz - Looking like a bull

Abner Mares - Looking like a lil Miguel Cotto recently

Adrien Broner - The way he destroyed DeMarco, its clear he’ll beat anybody at 135  and he can give anybody at 140 a run for they money

Danny Garcia - Stopped Khan and did what he was supposed to do against Morales.

Robert Guerrero - He finds a way to win every trip.

Austin Trout - Good win against Cotto makes him a player.