juan carlos bodoque



el horario de la tras tra tras tras trasnoche es un infierno

llamen llamen llamen denme su dinero llamen llamen llamen tengo hambre xD

  • Tulio: ¡Bodoque, ayúdame! El programa empieza en pocos minutos y aún necesito mi-
  • Bodoque: [Le pasa una corbata planchada]
  • Tulio: Oh, gracias. ¡Ah! Tampoco tuve tiempo para terminar el-
  • Bodoque: [Le pasa el libreto terminado]
  • Tulio: ...
  • Tulio: ¿Te casarías conmigo?
  • Bodoque: Ya me ocupé de eso, también. Hemos estado casados durante los últimos siete años.

31 Minutos

Its one of my favorite shows of all the time even when its for kids …………. what? im a kid….in the most deeper side of me, anyway….recently they’re come back with new episodes and i can’t believe the good work they’re still doing and these are one of my favorite characters (xD I love the expression on Tulio’s face)

Tulio: *munches on a chocolate bar loudly* 

*somebody whispers ‘gross’*

Tulio: do you want…..o-oh…

Bodoque: I’d never eat that, Tulio. I’ve seen how they’ve been made

the pilot has a bunch of outrageous scenes but this has to be the weirdest one

Tulio: eh? you’re in the wrong floor, lady! this is a television program-

Policarpo: lady? But I’m Policarpo!

Tulio: Policarpo? What did you do to yourself? Why is your bust so accentuated?

Policarpo: They’re pectorals, mind you! hm!

Bodoque: what about that long, silky hair?

Policarpo: a rockstar haircut!

Mario Hugo: and that purse?

Policarpo: sportsbag!

Juanin: and those earrings?

Policarpo: modern earphones!

Guaripolo: and that dress?

Policarpo: a manly tunic!

Huachimingo: *snif* and that perfume?

Policarpo: oohhh that’s just a flirty touch~