we are borgia.  a mix for the unholy family ↴

power - kanye west; rome - yeasayer; fuck the people - the kills; bedroom hymns - florence + the machine; take me to church - hozier; rich kids blues - lykke li; speaking in tongues - arcade fire; cain said to abel - bloc party; blood - editors; bottom of the river - delta rae; no church in the wild - kanye west & jay-z (feat. frank ocean)

There’ a great little scene which we shot on the third from last day which is Juan in the opium den scene, looking up at the ceiling with the smoke everywhere where he says, “I think my brother and sister are having congress,” which is the first time anyone in the entire series. I mean the audience had been thinking that for awhile that something twisted was going on between them and the fact that Juan is aware of this and concerned by this is quite an interesting one. I don’t think he’s jealous of them being together. I think he’s jealous of not being a part of it as well. When he forgives Cesare at the end saying how they’re brothers and wants to be together, I think that’s genuine. That’s the first time you realize what he’s always wanted. He just wants to be a part of the family and at every turn they’ve not allowed him. They’ve always pushed him away which is a great a shame. - David Oakes *


The blow which has fallen upon us is the heaviest we could possibly have sustained, for We loved the Duke of Gandia more than a n y o n e else in the world. We would gladly give s e v e n Tiaras to be able to recall him to life. God has done this in punishment for our sins, for the Duke had done nothing to deserve such a mysterious and terrible death… May G o d   f o r g i v e the murderer. [x]                      

                                           R.I.P. Juan Borgia (d. 14 June 1497)