juan borgia

incorrect borgia quotes
  • lucrezia: i killed juan.
  • cesare:
  • lucrezia:
  • cesare: i have never loved you more than i do right now, at this very moment, on this day of the year of our lord, 1497,

Imagine that you are sitting on the edge of a vast well, your feet dangling over the edge. Moving slowly around the walls of the well, like smoke, there’s a world of wonders reaching down, as far down as the eye can see. These wonders are your life […] Everything is there for you to see. Birth. And, of course, your death. But the miracle is that there’s no pain. I have been in pain, Cesare, for all my years. (for @carriefiser​)

the signs as The Borgias characters
  • Aries: Lucrezia Borgia
  • Taurus: Niccolo Machiavelli
  • Gemini: Juan Borgia
  • Cancer: Vanozza dei Cattanei
  • Leo: Ascanio Sforza
  • Virgo: Giulia Farnese
  • Libra: Gioffre Borgia
  • Scorpio: Cesare Borgia
  • Sagittarius: Caterina Sforza
  • Capricorn: Rodrigo Borgia
  • Aquarius: Micheletto Corella
  • Pisces: Alfonso of Aragon
Juan's Burial/Cesare and Lucrezia Dance
Trevor Morris
Juan's Burial/Cesare and Lucrezia Dance

Juan’s Burial/Cesare and Lucrezia Dance from The Borgias (Season 2)

Played during (you guessed it) Juan’s burial scene, interspersed with shots of Cesare and Lucrezia dancing at Lucrezia’s engagement celebrations. Composed by Trevor Morris.


Cesare was appointed commander of the papal armies and was sent to capture Imola and Forli, ruled by Catherina Sforza. She immediately began to recruit and train many soldiers, began to store weapons, ammunition and food. On 19 December, the Duke of Valentinois also took possession of Forlì and began the siege of the fortress.

On american version Forli was captured in 1500 by Juan Borgia. However he was mysteriously murdered in 1497. Sforza also sent her children to Florence before Cesare conquered the fortress. The Borgias shows how Juan stole Catherina’s son when he came near the fortress to talk to her. 


Borgia (bōr´jä), Span. Borja (bôr´hä), Spanish-Italian noble family, originally from Aragón.

When Alfonso de Borja, cardinal-archbishop of Valencia, was pope as Calixtus III (1455–58), several relatives followed him to Rome. His nephew Rodrigo became pope as Alexander VI, and Rodrigo’s illegitimate children were Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia; the later reputations of these Borgias made the family name a synonym for avarice and treachery.

To the Spanish branch of the family belonged St. Francis Borgia and Francisco Borja (1581–1658), a Spanish general and viceroy of Peru. The direct line of the family, whose senior members bore the title duke of Gandia, died out in the 18th cent. 


Lucrezia, my soul is weighed down by a millstone of sins. When I die, I will live forever in the fires of hell. [What have you done, Brother?] When I was 12, Father sent me to live in Spain with Pedro Luis. Our mother allowed this to happen. I was angry. I hated Spain. I hated Pedro Luis. His strength, the love others showered upon him. I knew that I would never advance in the world while he lived. And so he died, Pedro Luis. And Maria Enriques did not perish in childbirth. While the ship was docked in Marseille, my man reached the captain, who strangled her for five ducats.