ju on 2

lance: you want your best soldiers on the front lines, so i should probably step down………….

keith: stop thinking about who flies what and just focus on your missions



Noh Taehyun’s actual reaction to Ha Sungwoon being in top 11

aka when you love & support your friend so much you just want to beat them up — with love (of course)

the true bromance of pd101 season 2

Hey what if in Splatoon 2, the final splatfest is similar to the one in the first game where it was Callie vs Marie, but this time it’s Marina vs Pearl

Here’s the twist tho; instead of Pearl being on team Pearl and Marina being on team Marina, what if Pearl was on team Marina and Marina was on team Pearl??

It sounds complicated when I put it into words but jus imagine,, both idols supporting each other bcuz they like each other too much to be selfish. And since like 99% of players favor Marina, they have the decision of “should I pick team Marina, or should I pick team Pearl because Marina is rooting for that team??” and that’ll make both teams’ popularity kinda balance out and it won’t be just team Marina