ju on 2

believe me, i love that there’s so much transboy positivity on this website. really, i do. it makes me feel pretty good about myself, bc who doesn’t want posts telling them how cute they are? right?

the thing about it is, these posts infantilize us. they describe us in baby words, “squishy,” “cute,” “lil baby boys,” and it’s… well, it’s a bit insulting. since transboys are naturally a bit more feminine-looking than cisboys, those “compliments” play off of that. they diminish us to little more than these cute little girly boys that, hey, i can compliment them and get tumblr cred at the same time!

so, idk. hopefully it’s not just me who’s bothered by this, bc tbh it’s fairly creepy. in conclusion:

stop infantilizing transboys. (:

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German seaplane Arado Ar 196. Produced from 1938 to 1944, used for the needs of the naval aviation of the German Navy and was in service with other countries.

Loading wounded in a German ambulance plane Junkers Ju 52

German heavy military transport aircraft Messerschmitt Me.323 “Gigant” at the airport in Rome

The German pilots of the plane Caudron C. 445 French production. After the German occupation of France 44 C. 445 aircraft and 10 aircraft C. 445M was requisitioned, the same was made during the war.

German reconnaissance plane Focke-Wulf Fw 189 “Uhu”

Service German aircraft Fieseler Fi 156 “Storch”.
Motorcycle — captured British BSA M20. Noteworthy is the starter, bolted to the neck of the oil tank.