ju l i an what r u doing

wanna one as emojis

jisung: 😫drama queen, gasps every three seconds, here for a good time. a caring friend, worries abt u and force feeds u spam. a dramatic rat, but hes loved & accepted for whom he is. wakes up every morning 2 love his friends.

sungwoon: 👿 wants 2 be sexy & hot but no1 sees it thus,he gets anger. really jus here for a good time? no one supports it,hes even more anger. u know why hes so short? so he can b closer to daddy satan,thats why. one day he will reclaim his throne.

minhyun: 👹goofy dude! looks intimidating,but is a softie deep down. just look at those eyes! and that smile! ugh,NUT! we love a silly man. probably farted on jaehwans bed once out of spite but it didnt do anything bc it was just a small one :/ but u know..its the thought that matters!

seongwoo: 🤡 ion even need to explain?? dudes a CLOWN? makes a fool of himself 2 make others smile. lives in th sewers. probably owns an actual clown nose & honks it when hes alone just for a chuckle. his clownsona name is snoots the giggly clown. most recent google search is sexy clown costumes for men. i hate him. throw him back into the pit of of hell from which he ascended.

jaehwan: 😤speaks 4 itself! angry when he doesnt get attention (bc hes a star) angry when he does (bc no one is worthy of thinking abt him) this hes stuck in an endless cycle of nose-steam-emoji.jpg its kinda sad. has a box of tissues & vaseline next 2 his bed every1 thinks is for beating his meat but rlly is so he can cry at night and then unclog his nose after. he just wants a friend other than minhyun,PLEASE

daniel: 😼that was his mood performing open up & hands on me. daniel thinks hes sexy,no,he KNOWS he is but what would peter & rooney think of his actions? they matter more! dont they? no daniel theyre cats its okay they probably dont even know ur name..but what if they do? are they disappointed in me?what if theyre telling their secret coven of cats right now everything bad ive done….im sorry peter & rooney nim j-jinjja please let me make it up to u…..

jihoon: 🤹‍♂️that’s him juggling his relationship w baejin guanlin and woojin all while maintaining his status as th pure member. hes a demon just look at him. the hat is jeojangsus,the only thing hiding his tru persona from being revealed. hate this guy,2/10 send him back to the circus.

woojin: 💃 cha cha slides his way in & out of drama just like wht he did 2 jihoons heart. here 4 a good time unless he gets hurt,which is never because his ass is a scorpio. fergie is his queen,his inspiration,his muse. woojin be up in the club,working on his fitness. hes his own witness! why? because hes an independent bitch charlotte thats why!

baejin: 😦 looks like he doesnt kno whats going on,truth of the matter is that he does. he knows exactly whats happened. uninterested in life. jsut here to write some emo poetry snd chill . his last fb was “i dont bother with these hoes, dont let these hoes bother me”. woke king. even his farts r more knowledgeable than 87% of the human population,its just how is it

daehwi: 😗smoochie smooch! this is he 2 baejin! AND his friends,hes the WOKEST member! goes 2 church and prays for all of his friends to get and give love 2 everyone. dont believe me? take away the d h w i from his name and add n g and dd an e and l from lee :/ what do u get? exactly

guanlin: 🤣 this dude is always having a CHUCKLE! and for good reason! his buddies r all stoopid! probs looks at this emoji in his phone nd rolls his eyes. but the truth is that he wants 2 use it,just hasnt found good enough reason. have u ever seen mister lai laugh? he laughs jus like this.i love him just like how i love this emoji.im not biased

  • [Ladybug voice]: chat noir? UGH i can't STAND him. what a DORK. he is just the most annoying- [trips and hundreds of chat noir pictures fall out of pockets] w-what an unreliable idiot listen ok these aren’t mine i don’t even like chat i’m just [trying to gather them up frantically] listen i— just listen [thousands of chat noir pictures spill out onto the floor] fUCK i’m just i’m holding them for a friend ok ju-just listen