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Pastel Fashion Masterpost

Based upon Pastel Bomb - Fashion Blog

Finally did it. Finally made a clothing & tutorial master post, including all of the references I use. Will be updated as more are discovered. 

Table of Contents: 

♥ Pastel Goth & Nu Goth ♥

  1. Major Shops - General
  2. Major Shops - Shoes
  3. Etsy Shops - General
  4. Etsy Shops - Accessories
  5. Storenvy Shops
  6. Big Cartel Shops

♥ Tutorials ♥

  1. Hair
  2. Make Up
  3. Nails
  4. DIY - Clothing, Accessories, Etc.

♥ Discount Codes ♥

♥ Shopping Blogs ♥

♥ The Master List: ♥☽

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anonymous asked:

Hey umm if I can ask, why does the main character of your next book just look like you yanked chrollo out of the hxh universe and stuck him in a fantasy S&M au

prolly cuz the book was based off a fantasy s&m au i wrote involving chrollo. i promise you the book doesn’t read at all like its hxh-affiliated. the characters feel and act uniquely to their universe, khouri just looks similar to chrollo on the cover. if you dont believe me, feel free to ask yougei!


Shivers raced through my body as I curled into a ball on the bed I shared with Dally in our house. I tried to push the hot tears down, but they kept coming right back up. It had been over an hour since Dally had called from the police station saying he had been gambling again. He said he didn’t want me to worry, that Buck would bail him out and bring him home. He was gambling away all of the money we had gathered since we moved in 9 months earlier, and if he gambled much more, we would lose all our rent money. I hadn’t lived on the street since I met Dally 7 years ago and moved in with him at Buck’s, and I couldn’t go back. 

 The sobs racked my body and threw me against the cheap mattress. He had promised me he wouldn’t gamble anymore, yet this was the third time he had called from the station. Three terrible times that made my panic attacks so much worse. I tried to calm myself down more but a pressure was starting to build on my throat, and I couldn’t suck in air. I was so focused on trying to breath again, that I didn’t even hear the front door slam. Or the even footsteps down the wooden-floored hallway. I only noticed that Dally had gotten home when the bedroom door opened forcefully (it always stuck). 

 I hastily picked myself off the edge of the bed closest to the wall, wiping tears off my face. “Hey Dal…” My voice shook, betraying that I had been, and still was, crying. Dally had never witnessed me in the middle of a panic attack, and I had no idea how he would react. He, or course, knew I had frequent panic attacks but he had never been there in the middle of one.

 “Doll, what’s wrong?” His voice was so worried as he dropped his bag and rushed around the bed to hug me. “Did somebody hurt you?” I shook my head, burying it in his shoulder. He smelled like cigarette smoke, old coffee, and leather-my favorite smell. 

 The tears, which I had been trying so hard to hide, were pouring down my face again. I was shaking so hard, my throats was closing, and my legs gave out. He supported me.

 “Doll, please, what happened to you?” He framed my face in his hands, as I clung to his rough leather jacket. His eyes were pleading.

“Dall, do you remember the promise you made me two weeks ago? You promised me that you wouldn’t gamble again, and this is the third time you’ve called from the police station. The third time! We’re gonna lose all our rent money, and we still haven’t fixed the fridge…or the oven…or the wall… and it’s all hitting me at once that maybe you think you made a mistake asking me to move in with you at Buck’s 7 years ago. If you want, I’ll just go back to Chicago. I have a cousin there that can put me up until I find my old gang…” His face was stunned as I turned away from him. My breathing was becoming more and more labored, and my vision was starting to go black. I sank down to the ground. I felt my knees hitting the hard floor, but the pain never registered. $98.72 would not cover fixing anything, even the wall. 

 “Hey…” Dally was immediately on the floor next to me, and pulling me close to his chest, his back against the wall. “Shhhh… it’s okay… I love you so much. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are nowhere near what i consider a mistake. If you were, I wouldn’t have asked you to move in with me.” He kissed my forehead started stroking my hair.

“Dally everything’s falling apart! I lost my job last week. You can’t support us both on jockeying at Bucks, this gambling thing of yours is slowly going to kill us, and… and… I’m a month pregnant.”

 “Baby girl, nothing is falling apart! This is just a rough patch, that’s all! We’ll find you another job. I’ll get a second job at the DX and ask Buck to bump up my hours. Darry can fix the oven and the fridge. As for you being pregnant, that’s one of the best things I’ve ever heard. We can use the spare room as a nursery…“ His voice was shaking- he was actually crying, I realized. I buried my head deeper into his shoulder. Although I was far from the end of this attack, I was starting to get over it. My vision was starting to come back. The pressure was leaving my chest and throat. “And…. I haven’t been gambling.” 

 “Dall, what the hell! Don’t lie to me! You’ve called from the police station because of gambling!” I pulled away from him so I was sitting against the bed facing him. A red mist was covering my eyes. Panic, panic, panic.

 “I wasn’t gambling and I wasn’t at the station. I was taking Pony and Johnny around the city to find a halfway descent jewelry store.” 

 “You know I don’t wear jewelry.” 

 “Jus look at this before you make a decision…” He reached in his pocket and pulled or a tiny box. I stopped crying immediately because I was so shocked. Slowly he opened it, never taking his eyes on me. “Marry me?” His voice was so soft.

 This time tears of joy pooled in my eyes. I let him slip the ring on my finger with a nod and stared at it. How could he have bought this if he was gambling? “Dall… this is amazing!” 

 “I love you… more than anything. Believe that everyday.“ And that brought on a fresh batch of tears.