ju hyung


I like you, not as a friend but as a girl.
If I don’t see you, I get curious.
If you’re depressed, it makes me sad.
If you smile, it makes me happy.
If you’re sick, I get worried.
It’s driving me crazy! It means I like you, right?


☆Episode 15 highlights☆

In my opinion I think Jeong Joon Hyung (our beloved leading man) is better off without his biological mother in his life, clearly because she doesn’t see how amazing he is. He has a mother, father and brother who adore him so much including Kim Bok Joo (Main lead character and the fairest of them all😉.) who will always be there to supports him and lifts him up in his saddest point. And that’s the gifts that he happily acknowledges and appreciates☺.

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Roommate Season 2 (ENG SUB)

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Note: Few of the episodes’ captions are out of sync but only the ending ment(?) lol correct me if I’m wrong. So just a heads up guys. Enjoy! (:

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