ju already

this entire season of pd101

Me: vote for trainees based on talent, not just visuals

knetz: vOTe foR trAiKNEEZ baSEd On tAleNT, nOt JuSt viSuALS

these two are such soulmates I stg

also pls watch dennou coil its some tight shit and the kids are such good characters


i was tagged by @5tigma and @changeupmv to post some selfies :’)

i tag @2chansoo @klimths @prkswoojin @kmjnseok @melnchlyhill @pinkbutch @virgogf @padtthai @lovesunmi @9nayoung @13wjsn @biangel @xiu-baek @heartfx @artificial-lxvr 💞💐💛

screenshot redraw S1E12 “When the Rat’s Away, The Mice Will Play” OR, as I like to call it, “tfw nobody can solve the riddle and it’s not even that hard”

tomorrow is sf9’s 1st anniversary do you hear me sobbing???? i can’t believe its been an entire year…..time goes by so fast…. i love them so so much im so proud of how far they’ve come since then…. god i remember seeing them for the first time… im gonna start crying and its not even the 5th yet… it makes me emo thinking abt how invested i got into them :(((