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  • Star Wars Fans: We want an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie with Ewan McGregor!!!
  • Disney: What's that? A Han Solo movie without Harrison Ford?
  • Star Wars Fans: What? No, we don't want--
  • Disney: And a guy who looks nothing like Han to play Han?
  • Star Wars Fans: No, just--
  • Disney: How about another, white brunette female lead cause Girl Power™, yeah!
  • Star Wars Fans: Female leads are great and all but what about women of color being the lead--
  • Disney: What if this female lead was Han's real love interest and we totally undermine Leia completely?
  • Star Wars Fans: No, that's not what we want at all. Who are you even listening--
  • Disney: Great! It's already in production with a large budget and a predominately white, male cast, but we added Donald Glover so it's all cool!
  • Star Wars Fans: What
  • Disney: Look how excited everyone is for this Han Solo movie! We just started filming today, yay!!! It's gonna be the film of a generation!
  • Star Wars Fans: *sigh*
One year later...

Uh, hey, anyone who might still be following this blog.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I could try to explain why, despite posting in March of 2016 there would be updates “extremely soon,” none ever surfaced, followed by me not even acknowledging JTS: MLC for about a year. But honestly I’d rather not. The best I can do is sum it up as “a whole lot of complicated personal issues that made thinking about JTS entirely, including the movie project, immensely unpleasant for me.” Let’s just leave it at that.

I’d say I’m sorry but… I really don’t feel like that’s necessary. Unlike other things I’ve been working on for a while, from day one, JTS: MLC has always been a personal project for me. Keyword being personal, mostly because JTS was never a cartoon that was all that popular to begin with. It was mainly a show I really enjoyed, I felt had a lot of potential, and that I wanted to expand on. In other words this entire venture has always been for myself, first and foremost.

So instead of apologizing, I’ll give an enormous “Thank you” to anyone who has taken an interest in following this project and may actually be reading this in 2017. You’re all incredible people and I hope you continue to stick around for as long as possible. Especially since, despite how many years have passed (both since JTS ended and when I started this project) and how much else has gone on in my life, I still haven’t given up on this thing.

I still want the full movie’s script and certain pieces of concept art (like previously mentioned model sheets for new characters and new designs for old characters) to happen someday. As for when that someday will be… I haven’t got a clue. I’m sorry if that’s a lame answer, but it’s the truth. It’ll be whenever things just to happen to come together right and allow for it. That might be later this year, or it might be in 2019, on JTS’s ten year anniversary. I honestly don’t know!

But I have definitely decided one thing…

I’m going to post the full story outline for the movie, my “skeleton” of sorts for the screenplay, here on this blog by the end of February.

Once again, thank you so much for reading this lengthy post and staying interested in the my silly little pet project. Misery does, indeed, love company <3

Stay awes-mazing my friends,

~T.N. Newton

Where do I go to demand or harass if necessary DC to make us a Jason Todd movie!!?! You guys, we got to take action and beg them for a JT movie!!

I don’t even care if it’s a RHATO team up movie, or an independent Red Hood story just focused on Jason in the shadows preparing to take down Batman (like Lost Days timeline), or UTRH movie!! Just anything would make me so happy as long as they get him right!





Oh hey look more stuff from the JTS “movie” idea (the thing behind Fallen Angel!Jimmy) which I think I decided I wanna try storyboarding over the summer. Probably not like… the whole movie, but key scenes! Along with some more general illustrations and detailed plot outlines and stuff.

Top pic is by Gena and the little guy Beezy is holding is his (fraternal) twin brother. He’s been living with their mom, so Beezy never knew about him before, for the same reason his eyes are all whited-out and creepy.

And the bottom pic by Chi is their mom, Maggie. She’s a psychic (her powers mostly include levitating, energy barriers and seeing the future) who was formerly married to Lucius. She left him when she found out she was pregnant, though as for why… well, it’s complicated, so for now let’s just say Lucius never really took her precognitive powers seriously.

anonymous asked:

please share your original six headcanons

the fact that i didn’t have to send this to myself makes me happy

  • emma, manny and jt used to have sleepovers all the time when they were kids. they’d sleep on the pullout couch and watch every single vhs of every single disney movie. sometimes jt would have to stay at emma’s for a few days because of his weird home situation though. 
  • liberty was super uncomfortable hanging out with jay and alex when she was dating towerz and always subconsciously stood closer to sean. sean made a point of looking out for her. 
  • they went as a group to the luau dance in eighth grade :’) jiberty and semma went together and toby went w kendra but everyone took turns dancing w manny so she didn’t feel left out. 
  • emma, manny, jt, toby and liberty tried to go to the movies at least a once a month in high school. usually they ended up not going because at least two of them were usually in a fight and boyfriends were more important at the time to emma and manny.
  • emma tried to convince sean to hang out with jt and toby because she wanted everyone to be friends and sean would pretend to be annoyed. secretly, he enjoyed hanging out with the boys and sees them as little brothers. he didn’t tell emma, but she knew.
  • jt and manny always make jokes about when they used to go out because they really only see each other as brother and sister. 
  • liberty didn’t want to tell manny and emma that she was pregnant because she thought they were better than her and was embarrassed. against her wishes, jt went to emma’s and talked to spike and asked for advice. emma told manny and they just went up to her one morning and gave her a hug without saying anything. it was then that liberty knew that despite them not talking sometimes, they’d always have her back.
  • toby, manny and emma took turns visiting jt at the hospital. he and toby would read comic books together, he and manny would discuss movies and acting and he and emma would play board games like they used to when they were kids. 
  • when sean came back from wasaga, jt and toby bombarded him with hugs. 
  • emma and manny lowkey didn’t like mia and jt together. they never said anything aloud but it was always a silent agreement that jt belonged with liberty.
  • at the hospital in rtt (i need to write a fic bc i have soooooo much) once they all broke apart from their hug, sean moved to liberty to sit down and got her some water and stayed with her the whole time. manny kept crying in emma’s arms. toby was left with comforting jt’s grandma when she showed up and stayed there later than everyone. snake and spike drove liberty home and sean, manny and emma sat on the couch talking and trying to make sense of everything. manny and emma stayed with liberty all day on monday morning and walked her to all of her classes so they could ward off anyone staring at her. liberty said nothing to either of them. jt’s grandma wanted people to speak at the funeral and liberty and toby both couldn’t do it. snake said he’d say something and after remembering the sunday masses she and jt sat through together, emma agreed to as well. 
  • emma, manny, toby and sean all helped liberty prepare a box of some of jt’s things to send to their son in seattle. 
  • they all paid for jt’s memorial out of their own pocket 
  • emma, manny, liberty and toby all have a group chat. when emma and spinner get divorced and sean comes home, they add sean to it. the girls have their own separate gc where they usually just make fun of toby and sean tho