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Woahhhh your black steph hcs gave me life could you possibly do headcannons about a black girl dating one of the batboys cuz there's like none

O okay I’m answering this super late but hey ? Better late then never? I’m going with my main boi, Jtoddo B) sorry if this sucks bc I don’t usually write these types of things but it was fun writing outside of my comfort zone :0

♡ You probably meet Jason when moving into the apartment next to his. You don’t really talk to each other at first, it’s was more like Jason trying to introduce himself to you and you, speed walking into your apartment before he can get a word out. He seems really shady to you and you’re typical one to follow your gut. But after a while you see him around the apartment complex, helping old ladies up the stairs, babysitting little kids in building and help others with laundry. You both grew close and the rest was history.

♡ He loves your hair so much. If it’s out in a fro, he’ll touch it non-stop. He loves when it’s in twists, braids, or even relaxed. He just loves your hair

♡ Speaking of hair, he’ll help you wash your hair if you want. He’s really good at detangling too, he’s very gentle but still gets the job the down. He knows how tried your arms get from washing it, so If you teach him how to braid, he’ll do it.

♡ If someone calls you the n word on the streets, prepare for Jason to deck them. He goes to 0 to 100, he’s powered by his own anger bc how dare you call my s/o that??? How dare you call anyone that??? You have to pry Jason off the poor guy, Jason is a split second from throwing that fool into the dumpster. He gives the coward the side eye before taking your hand and walking home.

♡ You call him Boo.

♡ The way you found out that he was the Red Hood was pretty hilarious. He climbs through your window in the middle of patrol (He was checking on you, okay ?? The Joker was running and he got paranoid) and you, of course, thought he was burglar. So you pretty much try to deck Jason with a baseball bat at 2 in the morning while he tries to explain himself.

♡ You weren’t upset about him being the Red Hood, you were more upset that he woke you up at 2 am.

♡ Jason and You going to visit your grandma and your grandma loves him to bits.

♡ She sends you both back home with food up to your knees. Like she really likes this one.

♡ Asking Jason to teach you how to fight. At first he was pretty unsure about but after you almost decked him at 2 am, he was on board.

He thinks it’s cute when you wear your silk scarf to bed.