'Where has the time gone?!'

WOW… Time truly flies. When people said to me that “time seems to go so much faster as you grow older”, I never really listened. But it really doesn’t seem that long ago that I signed up for this wonderful experience…  Which was 8 months ago from when I post this! Where has the time gone?!

I’m pretty much all set and ready for it now, I’ve got all my vaccinations, bug sprays etc. Although I’m a whole mixture of emotions at this time, excited, nervous, anxious… This is the first time I’ll have done any form of charity work, and I already know I want to do it again. The satisfaction I’ve felt through raising money for this incredible cause has been astonishing. Which reminds, me, I should tell you a little about what I’m going to be doing, and who with!

So, I’ll be volunteering with an organisation called Thrive Africa, who, for several years now have been helping and teaching orphans orphans, local communities preventing their houses from natural disasters, building libraries, farms and generally helping out in anyway possible way that they can. What will I be doing? I’ll be doing all of the things above, amongst various excursions to different places all over Ghana which I will also be blogging about here. However, I won’t be losing focus on the main reason I’m going, and that’s to make a difference to people who need it the most in this world. Even if its only a slight bit of help, I know that they’ll be forever grateful of our services.

I was given a target of £995 minimum sponsorship to enable me to actually get to Ghana, so far I’ve raised £1015 by shaving my head, running the distance between Worthing Pier and Brighton Pier (13.1 miles on the route I tracked) and a bag packing at Morrissons in Peterborough - where I travelled to meet Meg and Zach, who are also embarking on this incredible experience. I’ve also had friends and family donate money, along with a donation box where I used to work, which surprising racked up the money quicker than I ever expected it to. So to everyone who has made this happen for me, I can’t explain how grateful I am for your help!!

So, it’s now 19 days until I, Meg, Zach and Lucy depart on our journey to Ghana (which includes a 16 hour stop over in Istanbul), so I guess I’ll be revisiting this page around that time, other than uploading embarrassing photos of myself with a big, bald, moley, shiny head…If anything else comes up that I’ve forgotten to mention here (which is VERY likely the case) I’ll be sure to mention it!

Please note: This is my first blog in which I try to write about my experiences, I’m not the best creative writer, nor the best with grammar, so please give me a break on that front! ;)

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this blog!


Notable Links:

Direct sponsorship page: http://thriveafrica.co.uk/fundraising-page/?id=421

Thrive Africa: http://thriveafrica.co.uk