y'know, like, nyah~ || alternatively titled oh my god i’m so bad at names.

so yeah, cool. i’m using a slightly edited version of this theme on my personal blog, and i thought it would be nice of me to make it customizable and release it to the public. 

it’s a cute theme, with lots of options and plenty of fun things to mess around with. 

+ click the images to see the full res, tumblr is shit with quality as always. 

so uh, as always, rules. 

don’t steal it, plain and simple. this means don’t rerelease it, don’t remove the credit, don’t claim as yours, etc. 

i’d really prefer if you didn’t use it as a base code, but if you must, let me know+credit me somewhere

feel free to edit as heavily/lightly as you want. just don’t make it look like it isn’t my theme anymore, haha. 

features + live preview are here.  || code is here. 

enjoy + direct all (off anon) theme questions to my personal blog. ! 



amazing, after almost a month and a half of no theme, here i am. with a theme. 

it’s fairly simple, with only one post size, a sidebar and four extra links in a cute navi box, but i think it’s cute and i hope you all like it!

click the images for full res, the images suck haha.


pls dont remove the credit

dont take parts of the coding for your own

dont redistribute 

you can heavily/lightly edit the html and css just please dont make it look like it aint my theme anymore


please reblog + like if using or plan on using, and if there’s any issues with the theme, feel free to hit me up.

features under the cut!

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so i made a theme awhile back and i called it LVE and in short, it was a piece of shit. so i revamped it, it’s basically an entirely new theme, so yeah. that’s the story behind that.

ALL THAT ASIDE, this theme is definitely my favorite one so far. it has a ton of options and i think it’s fucking great. i’m super proud of it. 

the rules are the same as always

don’t touch the credit. don’t move it to another page, don’t alter it at all, just Leave It Alone. if you do anything with it i will send you a message and i probably won’t be too polite.

don’t use as a base code. i was lenient last time but i don’t think i’d feel comfortable with you doing that. there are plenty of base codes out there. use one of those. 

you may edit the code as much as you want AS LONG as it still is recognizable as my theme. 

have fun!!!! i love seeing what people do with my themes (~: 


let me know if you’re using it or if you run into any problems! thank you!