I thought I’d start sharing with you the work of some of my favourite virtual photographers, beginning with my good friend Joshua Taylor.

Dealing with virtual environments as well as their inhabitants, his work not only captures the narrative of games but also creates it’s own, showing glimpses of stories running parallel to the central plot. He also experiments in creating abstract images from surfaces, demonstrating a keen eye for pattern and texture.

Me and Josh got talking shortly after I started this blog, and we’ve formed a friendship based on the mutual admiration and respect of each other’s work, photography and of course, videogames. He’s always producing and sharing loads of great new work on a daily basis.

JTGP Tumblr | JTGP Flickr


James and the Giant Peach - Family (by MageMashers)

Watched this movie and a bunch of other old movies last night. Had to post a song from it.