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Jonghyun’s The Story By Jonghyun-The Agit concert VCR 2015


I can barely handle this cuteness

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GQ Magazine 12/2014 + 03/2015 B-Cuts

An atmosphere of only Taemin’s show up no matter which direction you take a picture of him but it’s more ardent when we take a profile. On that day, the photographer and editor took five million cuts of his profile. The cuts we decided were all his profile. We exclaimed when his hair fell on his eyes that were looking at the side. I opened the photo folder in a long time to pick a B-cut photo and ended up wandering around in between pictures of his profile not being able to decide one photo again.

It seems illogical to take pictures of his back when we tried so hard to bring him but we did take a lot of pictures of Jonghyun’s back that day. We made him stand still in front of a wall and possessively took pictures of his back, then pressed the shutter button whenever he turned around when we called out “Jonghyunssi”. The picture that ended up on the magazine was face of Jonghyun but the photographer & editor liked this cut. We could really feel the true aura of Jonghyun from his eyes that were looking down and the jacket that he held roughly.

Pics: x_jh
Trans: coolcat