[ENG SUB] 141117 Press Conference for 2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour ~一期一会(Ichigo Ichie)~

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Translator’s note: For some reason I couldn’t find this conversation in the press release videos however, I found it amusing so I translated the part mentioned in the press article. ^^


Q. Other than the concert, is there something you are looking forward to or something you want to eat?

Jaejoong: All three of us really like the food eaten by common people, like Katsu-don (T/N: pork cutlet on rice), and we love Japanese Ramen (T/N: Japanese noodle soup dish). Just yesterday i went to eat Ramen with my members, it was really tasty. Even while (I am) in South Korea, (I) keep on saying that within the Japanese culture, I especially like Japanese food the most. I want to eat. Keep saying I want to eat, and I remember that the first thing that we talked about was that when we go to Japan let’s go to eat Ramen. Only Junsu was not able to eat yesterday..

Junsu: I ate it!

Jaejoong: You ate (ramen)? with who?

Junsu: I also ate ramen yesterday. It was tasty. Ramen, gyoza (T/N: dumplings) and Mabo Tofu, I ate them all. I ate so much that right now it has become an unthinkable thing (laugh)

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[PICS + TRANS] BTS of 2014 JYJ Asia Concerts ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ featured in Women’s Weekly (Shukan Josei/週刊女性) Japanese Magazine

Backstage of 2014 JYJ’s Concert in Seoul ‘RETURN OF THE KING’

[Partial excerpt trans]

YC: Before going up on stage and after cheering ‘Fight’ with the staff and dancers, the three of us hugged, I was filled up with emotions and thus I said “I love you” to the members (laugh)

JJ: I’m feeling really great.

JS: We lived through the past events together, and from here on the memories we will make together brings me great happiness.

JJ: I believe because you all are with me, I am living while putting out my chest with pride.

JS: Today, without showing any tears, I want us to happily bid farewell. See you.


Rehearsals for 2014 JYJ’s Concert in Vietnam & Chengdu ‘RETURN OF THE KING’ ;
BTS of Hair Coordi for Jaejoong for 2014 JYJ’s Concert in Seoul ‘RETURN OF THE KING’

DVD of Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Asia Tour Concert in Yokohama as a gift

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