DBSK Introduction (Members): OT5 version

asked by kingdomofmonochromekisses :)

Okk lemme see… Where shall I start? I guess I’ll start of by giving a brief description of dbsk so you can kinda get the history.

So DBSK also known as dong bang shink ki, tvxq, and tohishinki debuted on December 26th 2003 in a Boa and Britney Spears showcase with their debut song “hug” here’s the link. *They were pretty much babies*, Anyways, they’ve been around for a loooooong time. 

The original members consisted of:

Kim Jaejoong (Stage name Hero) born January 26, 1986  - He was the main vocalist + face of the group (totally earned it cuz this dudes an angel with an angelic voice) BTW he’s also the oldest in the group. He has two solo albums called “I” and “WWW” I totally recommend both of them :) He’s also been in a number of drama’s (protect the boss being one of them) and i 100% recommend everyone to watch heaven’s postman (he looked like a fucking angel) He’s currently in the military but he’ll be back on December 2016 *cries*

Some of his solo mv’s- mine + just another girl 

Jung Yunho (Stage name U-Know) born February 6, 1986 - He was the Leader + Lead dancer ( Not even joking but this guy can dance. I would say he’s by far one of the best dancers in the kpop industry *not being biased* check out this video :) and he’s also in a new drama that is airing called “I order you” latest mv watch here

Park Yoochun (Stage name Micky) born June 4, 1986 - he was the  Middle Low Vocal (THIS BOY CAN SING OKAY?! He’s been in quite a lot of very successful drama’s, including rooftop prince, I miss you,  Sungkyunkwan Scandal and his most recent one which is The Girl Who Sees Smells

Kim Junsu (Stage name Xiah) born December 15, 1986 - He was  the  Middle High Vocal (His voiceeeeeeeee his dancinggggggggggg He is PERFECT I’m not even joking here. His specialty is acting in musicals lol and he’s been in a number of them, his most recent is Death Note, where he plays the character of L :) He’s also had a number of solo albums check out these songs here and here 

Shim Changmin (Stage name Max) born February 18, 1988 - he was the High notes vocals and Maknae (this boy and his perfect high notes… Oh lord check it out here)- He’s also acting in a new drama that’s currently airing called scholar who walks the night *he’s also hella tall (1.86m)* latest mv here

Here’s some pics of the members:

Kim Jaejoong (AKA know as a a sex god *well they pretty much all are*)

You may think he is only a pretty face but you guessed wrong sweetie 

Here’s some gifs that might kill you

*All of these pictures are from my phone btw lol I AM NOT OBSESSED I SWEAR!


Yoochun wow:

Kim Junsu (legit angel) he’s also pretty hot lol

Shim Changmin *DIES*

**pictures used are not mine**