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Can you tell us your insight on what problems might be present in the relationship with the mother depending on moon sign? Thanks! Xx

remember that aspects can also add to this (to a lesser extent) and also the house of your moon! so read up on them as well

** sort of a long post lol**

aries moon- you feel like your mom is always trying to wreck your plans but really is just looking out for you. you keep pushing against her and doing what you want anyways, not seeing the danger in it. you wonder why she gets angry at you after you push her to her limits. shes also always on her feet and sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever catch her sitting down, but that’s just who your mom is and you know that

taurus moon- when your mom can provide you things you call her sweet and the perfect mom but when she doesn’t, you say she’s too frugal and stubborn with her money. you dont push her that hard when you do try to convince her into things, so she never really gets mad at you but you might find yourself rolling your eyes at her when she’s not looking

gemini moon- you show your mom with your actions that you want freedom and want to be detached from her, but then when she gives up on trying to reach you, you say she’s too disconnected from you. there’s probably a lot of arguing, but remember that when she barks at you its only because you bit her first (geminis and their sharp tongue lol)

cancer moon- you’re very focused on her emotionally so you tend to go through all the pain she goes through with her. also if you feel like she isn’t giving you enough love you might flame up in emotion pretty quick but are also quick to blame her for it because you never want to admit you might be unstable without her affection

leo moon- your relationship with your mom is very upfront and honest. just like any leo in general, you find that you and your mom always say what you want to say to each other. this might cause some problems since you will immediately call her out and then she will bounce back with a “lion roar”. her overwhelming presence might be too big at times for you

virgo moon- your mom is under your magnifying glass at all times. youre verryy aware of just how well she cares for your needs. you find sometimes that she doesn’t live up to your expectations and when this comes up, you view her as too flighty and not around enough. you do accept that this is just how she is because.. at the end of the day this is honestly just how you want your relationship with her to be

libra moon- it might be surprising to some, but people with libra moon tend to have a pretty strict relationship with their moms. it seems that you subconsciously have a way of doing things so you can keep the peace between you. the rules that are set can seem too formal at times and there is a facade that says “i cared so much for you”, when you might feel she was actually very cold underneath. that’s the saturn aspect to libra

scorpio moon- your mother stirs many emotions in you but doesn’t seem to be there when you want her to be. other times she’s suffocatingly close when you want her to go away, but this tends to be your own internal clock that tends to go crazy at times. she never really knows when it’s a good time to be there or keep her distance so when she finally shows her frustration you feel shes being aggressive and controlling.

sagittarius moon- sort of like virgo moon in the way that you see all your mom’s faults but the difference is that you see her this way because of your “know it all, above it all” nature. you want to break free of her which made it pretty hard to raise you. you think she has a lot to learn and that you should be in charge of your life, not her

capricorn moon- this moon sign gives you a feeling of guilt in relation to your mom. it seems you can never enjoy life because of her very apparent, difficult problems. you empathize with her and always want to help her because you feel she always does her best but you do think that she could do things for herself that would make her life easier if she tried. she might’ve always relied on you more than you relied on her, but she really respects your ability to be mature

aquarius moon- you might of noticed that your mom didn’t really emotionally support you but it’s because she never really had to. you were very mature since you were young, so your relationship with your mom was pretty detached in the way that you didn’t need her emotionally. she was more of an equal rather than a mother and even though you prefer this intellectually, it can seem like a numb relationship at times

pisces moon- your mom undergoes a lot of difficulties in her life, and you two have a subconscious understanding that you have to be emotionally strong because of this. you want to be able to rely on her at times but you know you shouldn’t because she has enough on her plate. you feel really bad for her since she seems to be lost in her world of problems, but thats exactly what leads you into your own world of confusion and feeling lost

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Age and sexuality headcannons for the Bachelor/ettes?

Elliot : 29, gay/bisexual w/ a preference to boys

Alex : 19, pansexual

Harvey : 34, pansexual (also hypersexual)

Sebastian : 22, bisexual w/ a preference to girls

Shane : 31, gay

Sam : 21, bisexual

Abigail : 23, pansexual

Maru : 18, Lesbian (really gay oh my god is she gay)

Penny : 21, bisexual

Leah : 27, bisexual

Emily : 26, bisexual w/ a preference to girls

Haley : 20, femme lesbian