Batfam Halloween Costumes Last Year:

  • Bruce - Target Superman Costume (fake abs and all)
  • Alfred - The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
  • Kate - Sappho (couples costume with Renee)
  • Renee - Aphrodite (couples costume with Kate)
  • Dick - Sexy vampire
  • Babs - Daphne from Mystery Inc.
  • Jason - Zombie 
  • Stephanie - A faun (to match Cass)
  • Tim - A sim
  • Cassandra - A faun (to match Steph)
  • Duke - Werewolf
  • Harper - Joan Jett
  • Damian - Batman
  • Carrie - Peter Pan
  • Selina - Sexy black cat

anonymous asked:

what if the batfamily had really bad powers au

  • Bruce Wayne - can teleport…but only if he is blackout drunk
  • Alfred Pennyworth - understands what wrong only AFTER it went wrong
  • Dick Grayson - eat anything without gaining any weight. (it’s practical for IRL use but not in a fight)
  • Barbara Gordon - insert a USB into the port on the first time, every time
  • Jason Todd - knows exactly how long to reheat food in the microwave so it’s the perfect temperature 
  • Cassandra Cain - can turn blue whenever she wants, but only blue
  • Tim Drake - can shoot 5 cotton balls from his hands every 7 days
  • Stephanie Brown - can make her nails grow at a really fast or slow rate on command
  • Kate Kane - bug repellent skin
  • Luke Fox - paper cut immunity 
  • Damian Wayne - can understand what dogs are barking about
  • Duke Thomas - can emit a cinnamon smell for 20 minutes every few hours

fall activities [drabble preference]

day 2 of mel’s aroha sweet 16! enjoy this fall pref since it’s officially october!


“MJ, we’re going to get lost.” You declared as your boyfriend was leading you towards the corn maze at a fall festival.

“I’ll have you know, I have a superb sense of direction.” He scoffed as you two crossed the threshold into the maze.

“You can barely go from your room to the kitchen without making a wrong turn.”

“I’ll get us out of here!”

And so you wandered around the maze with MJ for almost twenty minutes, finding countless dead ends. You swore that if you saw another piece of corn again in your life, it would be too soon.

“Jagi, we’re lost.” You commented, and he let go of your hand to give you a disapproving look.

“No we’re not.” He looked around, and pointed to a gap in the corn. “Look, there’s the exit!”

Myungjun laced his fingers through yours again before racing toward it. You followed him, holding your laughter in at his excitement. He suddenly stopped as you were able to see what was outside the maze. The friendly man who had waved you into the maze half an hour ago.

“We’re at the entrance again, jagi.” You tried to stifle your laughter.

“Why am I so bad at things?” MJ groaned, and you took his hand in yours again to walk away from the maze.

“You’re not bad at a lot of things, just finding your way out of a corn maze.” You assured him, leaning over to give him a peck on the cheek.


“Ooooh, haunted house!” You squealed, pointing to it from across the field. “Jinwoo, can we go in it?”

A nearby high school was having a Halloween festival, and you managed to find a time that Jinwoo could go with you. He side-eyed it, looking a little unsure. “Right now?”

“Yeah, there’s no line!” You eagerly dragged him over to it, and he warily followed.

“I don’t think-”

“Oh come on, it’s made by a bunch of teenagers at an underfunded public high school, it’s not going to be that bad.”


And so you entered the haunted house, which was apparently their gymnasium. Cobwebs were strewn about, with a sign saying ‘KEEP OUT’, written in red paint to look like blood.

“Oh, this isn’t that bad.” Jinwoo said, but you felt his grip on your hand tighten as you went further into the haunted house.

Just as you turned a corner, someone leapt out, dressed up as a zombie. They even had a fake hand that flew off, right at Jinwoo. He instinctually jumped in front of you, but the hand holding yours was shaking as he did so. You went to stand beside him, linking your arm with his.

“Woah, that’s some good makeup.” You complimented the student.

“Oh, thank you!” They replied cheerily, and Jinwoo relaxed as the horrors facade was broken. “Ah shit, I mean- wait, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say- just keep going, please.”

With a small laugh, you did so, and through the rest of the house, Jinwoo was tense, but never left your side. At any sign of danger, even if you could tell he was terrified, he would still go to protect you first. After you finally left the house, you stopped to take in a deep breath of fall air. Jinwoo still seemed stressed, eyes wide and flitting around constantly. You wrapped your arms around him tightly, feeling his heartbeat against your chest.

“My brave little puppy.” You murmured, kissing his cheek. “I’m sorry for making you go in there.”

“It’s okay, I wasn’t that scared.” He replied, but his voice was still wavering.

Pulling back, you planted your lips firmly on his this time, and he melted into the kiss, “Okay, maybe I was a little scared.”


You were wrapped up in many blankets, a bowl of candy corn in your lap as you sat on the couch in ASTRO’s dorm. Dongmin had invited you over for your normal movie night, but seeing as tomorrow was Halloween, he had chosen a few scary movies to watch. Dongmin was snuggled in behind you, arms wrapped around your waist to hold you as close to him as he could.

Not much had happened yet, just your standard possessed doll. But that doesn’t mean you were enjoying it. You hated scary movies, especially ones with jumpscares, but your boyfriend really wanted to watch some. After all, it was only one movie might out of dozens you’ve had, you could survive it.

You were about to say something to Dongmin when the doll’s face was suddenly on the screen, accompanied by a blood curdling scream from the main character.

An inhuman noise of surprise and terror escaped your mouth as you pressed further back into Dongmin, hiding your face in your hands. You could feel him laughing against you, and shook your head, turning around to see his smiling face.

“You’re enjoying my terror?” You narrowed your eyes, and he quickly went to deny it.

“No, no, I’m not.” He tried to assuage you, but was still chuckling.

Rolling your eyes, you shoved a bunch of candy corn in his mouth to shut him up before hesitantly looking back to the TV. At the next jumpscare, you quickly burrowed your face into Dongmin’s neck.

“I hate you, I hate this movie, and I refuse to watch any more of it.” You mumbled into his skin, and he rubbed your back, still holding in laughter.

“I’m sorry you don’t like it, jagi.” Dongmin held you, resting his cheek against your head, pressing a kiss to your hair.

“If your whole plan was for us to cuddle, you could’ve just asked, asshole.”

“Yeah, but this was much more fun.”

You whined, reaching up to flick his head. “I hate you.”

“I love you, Y/N.”



“Aren’t we a little old to go trick-or-treating?” You asked your boyfriend inquisitively as he held a costume out to you.

“We’re not going trick-or-treating, we’re handing out candy.” Bin replied with a ‘duh’ tone, dressed in his own vampire costume.

“Oh alright.” You accepted the costume from him, and retreated into your bedroom to get changed.

He had chosen just a simple witch costume for you, which you couldn’t complain about. Walking out of the bedroom, you spotted him pouring bags of candy into a bowl.

“Oooh, Twix.” You went to reach into the bowl, but he slapped your hand away.

“We’ll have plenty of leftovers after we give them to children.” He chastised you, and you raised an eyebrow.

“Never thought I’d see a day where Moon Bin didn’t want to eat.”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

Sitting on some chairs outside your home, you smiled at all the little kids that came up to you. There were a few families you knew, and they stopped to chat amicably with you.

“Oh, my sister’s wondering if we want to take Donghun trick-or-treating.” You said as you checked your phone.

“Sure, we can put a 'take one’ sign on the bucket.” Bin suggested.

“Some kid is going to take half the bowl but okay.”

And so you ended up walking around the neighborhood with your little nephew, who was dressed up as Thor. Donghun dragged the two of you everywhere, and your feet were starting to get tired. Not as tired as the boy’s, apparently, because he was soon asking to be picked up. You decided to hold his bucket of candy while Bin held the three year old on his hip. Soon, Donghun was fast asleep against your boyfriend as the two of you walked back towards your house, where your sister had taken over giving out candy.

Looking into Donghun’s bucket, you spotted a Twix, and eagerly took it out to start unwrapping it.

“Stealing candy from a baby, Y/N? Who knew you would stoop so low.” Bin jokingly shook his head in disappointment as you stuck the chocolate in your mouth.

“He has KitKats, too.” You pulled one out, teasing your boyfriend.

“The kid can’t count, anyway, he won’t miss one KitKat.” He quickly changed his mind, and with a grin, you took the wrapper off to hold it out to the man.

He leaned over to grab it with his mouth, still carrying Donghun. “Thanks, jagi.”

Donghun started at the sounds of you two talking, sleepily rubbing his eyes. “Uncle Bin? Are you eating my candy.”

You slapped a hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter as Bin desperately tried to persuade Donghun that he wasn’t eating his candy, even though the KitKat was still partially chewed in his mouth.


“Let’s get a big pumpkin!” Minhyuk declared as the two of you browsed around a pumpkin patch.

“I wanted a small pumpkin, though.” You frowned, bending down to pick up one that wasn’t any bigger than your hand. “Look, Min, it’s so cute!”

He still didn’t seem sold, so you held it up next to your face and tried your best pout with puppy dog eyes. “Just like me!”

With a sigh, your boyfriend relented. “Alright, we’ll get you a small pumpkin.”

“Yay! I love you, Min!” You gave him a kiss on the cheek before practically skipping over to the person you were to pay.

Minhyuk had ended up getting himself a medium sized pumpkin as well. Now you were both back home, in your kitchen, trying to figure out how to carve these things. You were using a small knife to cut the bottom and gut it while your boyfriend had a bigger one and was attempting the same thing. As you started spooning out the seeds and putting them on a separate plate, you wrinkled your nose against the smell, but nonetheless continued.

Finally, you could start carving the face. “I’m going to make you, Min!” You said, starting on his eyes.


“To make a pumpkMINHYUK.”

“Oh my god, Y/N.”

Minhyuk’s pumpkin didn’t turn out any better than yours, yours didn’t look remotely like him, or even human. But you still put them out in front of the house, a candle underneath them.

“They are absolutely horrible.” Minhyuk had an arm around your waist as the two of you admired your handiwork.



Eyes sparkling, you laid out the ingredients you had just gotten back from the store with. Apples, popsicle sticks, and caramel.

“Sanha! Come here!” You called out to your boyfriend, and immediately heard his feet as he dashed into the kitchen.

His face lit up when he saw the counter. “Are we making caramel apples?”

“Yep! Now, let’s unwrap these caramels.”

It didn’t take long for Sanha to start making a mess. Not like you expected anything less, but the caramel hadn’t even been melted yet. And somehow he still managed to get some in your hair.

“Sanha.” You groaned, leaning over the sink as you tried washing it out.

“I’m sorry, jagi!” Sanha apologized, and you shook your head, deciding to just pull your hair into a ponytail.

“It’s fine, let’s keep going.”

A few minutes later, the caramel was melted, and you had the job of dipping the apples while Sanha decorated them with sprinkles, frosting, chocolate drizzle, and nuts.

“Oooh, that one looks good.” You pointed to one that especially had a lot of chocolate and sprinkles on it.

“That one’s yours!” He proudly proclaimed, and you looked to him with a grin.

“Thanks, jagi.” Turning back to the apples, you dipped another one before handing it to Sanha.

“Hey, Y/N.” Sanha said when you were refocused on your task, and you looked up to him curiously.

“Yes, Sanha?”

“You’ve got something right-” He cut himself off, quickly bending down to kiss your nose.

You blinked in surprise, a grin on your face from his cute action. “Did you get it?”

“Nope, still there.”

Sanha kissed your nose again, then your forehead and your cheeks.

“Do I really have caramel everywhere?” You giggled as he kissed your forehead again.

“I missed a spot, hold on.”

And his lips connected with yours in a gentle and sweet kiss, one that had you melting more than the caramel.