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Degrassi students who couldn’t make it through.

WE day

Hey guys, those of you who know me well or who have followed me for basically ever (thx if that’s you btw whoa) will know that I went to WE day UK as a volunteer about a week ago. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! Hands downnnn the most inspirational thing I’ve ever been to and honestly I can’t explain how much I love it. Unfortunately though, I have been really busy recently and haven’t had time to post any quotes from it even though there are thousands I could use. Hopefully I will be able to soon but there is just lots of stuff I gotta do at the moment.
Sorry but thanks for being patient and awesome. I’m gonna do my best to keep posting though, WE day or not 😎✌️

Down to the Bone
JT Machinima
Down to the Bone

Down to the Bone by JT Machinima (through the first chorus)


it took me a few days to do this (I’m not very good at drawing the skelebros yet… and this is only the second time I’m attempting the underfell bros) - but i had a lot of fun doing it… er, maybe too much.

go give JT Machinima’s full song a watch & like/subscribe! i’ve been kind of addicted to this ever since I stumbled across it, haha. i actually ended up feeling like it really fit the underfell skelebros better than the classic skelebros, and i wanted to try making one of these! learned a whole lot about expressions and body language and framing and orz//// there’s a few things i’d wanna fix tbh (crossed the left/right lines a few times w/o setup) but hey ʅ(〃∀〃)ゞ i’m away from home for a week+ so i didn’t want to let it fall by the wayside.

tl;dr! hope you like it & go check out the original song & artist, JT Machinima!

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I hate when journalists compare Harry to Justin Timberlake, they only do it because he's the more known outside the fandom, and they limit his talent as "the next [insert name]", and because they don't know him enough and don't care enough to look at what he said, what he's done in the past and during the hiatus. JT was basically a solo artist even before *NSYNC broke up, he already had recorded his album. Harry took his time, and always stayed loyal to the band.

Yeah, me either. JT is kind of an asshole and I don’t like the comparison. If I had to compare anyone to JT I’d say it was Zayn tbh lol.

Seeing your favorite band live is the best feeling while your there and the best memory when it’s over

Here’s a rare biographic from the New York Daily News in 2006. My older brother cut it out back when he was a huge fan of Xtina. He gave it to me and it’s been on my wall for years. I finally decided to scan and post it since I can’t find it anywhere online. It’s an awesome little read. Click the image to see the scan in HQ. Enjoy!