jt taylor

Happy belated birthday to James Taylor!

I mean, I don’t really see a lot of JT love here but his music means the whole world to me so I just had to draw something, even if I was a few hours late.

A lot of people are saying that we hate QuakeFire because we are just salty Ward isnt Hellfire or that StaticQuake cant happen… that is true, but there is another reason.

How many love interests are they going to give Daisy? I mean holy crap. There is a huge chance they are going to set her and james up just to have him killed off (just like in the comics) and have to throw her into yet another relationship. (Which you can say wont happen but you cant honestly believe they wont try).

Not only did Ward already have multiple characteristics and storylines that led us to believe he was going to be hellfire, but him and Daisy already had a relationship (and this is marvel…literally anyone can be revived or redeemed). This goes for Lincoln too. We know he wasnt Hellfire, but he was a well established character and worked really well with her and without her.

James is going to be the 4th guy…and probably not the last. They literally just killed 2 of her past relationships and 2 REALLY good characters just to throw her into this relationship. Like they knew we would be salty and say there is no way she would choose james over lincoln or ward so they got rid of them. Just like Sarah Lance in Arrow. They are erasing two amazing characters and actors just to throw in some other nerd. Skyeward and StaticQuake shippers have a right to be salty about this new dingo.