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One memory of my dad that I will always remember was from a couple years ago. It was right after I went to the 1989 show in Gillette, and my mom, dad and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner. Out of nowhere my dad asks me,

“So, JT. When are you going to invite Taylor Swift over for dinner? I want to cook a nice Italian dinner for her.”

I humorously replied with, “Let me get right on that dad, I’ll contact her in a bit and mark down a date we can have her over when she’s not too busy haha!”

And I thought it would be the end of that discussion, but nope. My dad wound up coming up with this whole elaborate plan! He just kept going with,

“Well we have a pretty spacious backyard, we can have the family over, and I have all my music equipment downstairs that I can bring up and we can set it outside! And she can perform a few songs, have a nice dinner…”

And even my mom got in on it at that point and went on to say, “Jessie remember, your cousin is the Mayor, he can probably even help us out and get a small stage of some kind set up and whatnot!”

So what turned into just inviting Taylor over for dinner, wound up being some elaborate plan to have her over and perform a small concert lol! But that was my dad for ya haha! He really did have so much respect for you though Taylor. He was always in constant awe and amazement with how much you accomplished and continue to accomplish. He was a fan of yours, much like I am and always will continue to be 😊

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I just feel like in 2017 justin would be back to being a kickass protest artist because of trump and brian would secretly (or not secretly) make or finance snarky and witty and thought provoking ads against him. Idk this just makes me smile a little during this gloomy political landscape we are in

HELL YES HE ABSOLUTELY WOULD BE!!!! Seriously, everything Justin did to take down Stockwell would seem like child’s play compared to him in 2017. Justin would be very publicly protesting, but then also roping Brian into some stealth action from within. (Because, yes, Brian would probably still be apathetic at first, but when push comes to shove, he would be ALL IN taking the bastards down.) And since they’d both be even more powerful and influential than they were during the show, you know they’d be able to do it.


Why can’t they be real?