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I just love what VSCO Film05 did to the pictures from the dirtbike racetrack! Looking forward to edit some more pictures with the ne film pack.



I learned about motocross from the old guard - men who wore lineman’s boots and their original decades-old leathers.  Men who would hand your ass to you all day long on machinery older than you, while a Camel cigarette hung out of their open-faced helmets.  They would say “Get off the seat!”, “Stand more!”, “More gas!  Less brake!”, “Treat downhills like flats!”, “Momentum is your friend!”, “Stay off the clutch or you’ll be pushing home!”.  Men with beer belly’s who would cover you with rocks and partially-burned premix while tirelessly attacking ten mile whoop sections (up sheer cliffs with ninety degree turns), as you struggle to breath and not vomit.   These were men.  They didn’t do pilates, get manicures, send text messages or buy graphics kits.  They washed their dirt bikes once a year - same day they installed a new top end, tires, chain and sprockets - an annual ritual that paid for reliable rides the entire season.  I love those guys.  They are my heroes.  They had this shit figured out while I was still in diapers.  They ride with grace, power, speed, tools and bailing wire, and don’t come back to camp until their translucent desert tanks are dry.  All hail the old school of motocross - you owe them much.  As in this photo, where I swapped out the stubby vent hose with a really long one, which lets you share gas with a buddy when you attach it to your petcock (I’ve actually had to do this).  Also the fuel-level marks on the tank are pretty old-school too, but running out of gas isn’t exactly an outdated problem.

Hats are more than cover-ups for a bad case of helmet-head. Caps and beanies have been standard-issue BMX duds from the sport’s early days, and a great way to show off your colors. JT Racing has you covered! (Pun intended!)

The hat may look like your standard trucker’s hat, but don’t be fooled. This is the most comfortable cap you can buy – a patented FlexFit design featuring a stretchable polyester mesh spandex side and back that results in perfect fit every time. Even the embroidery on the logo is top-quality so it looks great for the long haul.
Comes in blue in the L/XL (7 1/8” – 7 5/8”) size.