11.26.16 || very late, but here is my bullet journal spread from last week! since i had a bit of free time, i wanted to make a more artsy spread than my usuals. this one was inspired partly by kou (@studykouffee)’s amazing spreads and lucie aka @journalsanctuary‘s super helpful bujo tutorial! i had a lot of fun making this spread and the layout worked well for me too. i think i’ll be keeping this layout for next week! 


10.03.16 || my stuff arrived!! i’m that type of person that hoards their money, but i decided to work on that bad habit by spending my eid money before the next eid. i love colorful anything so i got a 20 pack of staedtler triplus fineliners, 12 pack of pilot juice pens, and some cute washi tape! the washi tape came in such cute boxes!! the patterns are really nice too, blue themed watercolor.