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Okay I’m finally going to just get all my ranting about Scott McCall off my chest because holding this in is so exhausting. Scott McCall is one of the most interesting characters in anything I’ve ever watched/read. Scott McCall is a bi-racial teenager who was raised by a single mother. And not only does he not blame his mother for throwing his father out, but he always grew up to be like her. Instead of the typical “My dad’s not around, I’ll do whatever it takes to make him want me in his life again” plotline, Scott McCall decided to fully embrace being raised by a strong woman and takes after her in several different way. 

Scott McCall is a teenage boy who sees worth in everyone, because there was a time in his life where no one really saw any worth in him. He knows how it feels to be ignored and not thought of as anything special. And instead of using his werewolf powers/True Alpha status to look down on people, he uses them to help others. The world has been trying to taint him since the pilot episode of this fucking show but he won’t let it. 

Scott McCall as a 17 year old dedicates himself to becoming a better son, a better student, and a better friend. He got his life together mere months after being bitten and turned into a werewolf (and an even shorter amount of time after the girl he loved broke up with him). And the only reason things got fucked up again is because not only did a supernatural serial killer start ‘sacrificing’ innocent people, but a pack of powerful Alpha werewolves showed up with the intent on practically weaponizing Scott. The Alpha pack wanted Scott for his True Alpha status alone because it would give them all more power. Not only has practically every season been about someone trying to weaponize Scott (ie Peter, Alpha Pack, Kate) but every single season includes countless amounts of people treating Scott’s overall personality as some kind of weakness. Try and name three characters on the show who haven’t at some point make a jab about Scott being “too nice” or “weak.” Whether you think it’s true or not, the fact that the underlying theme in all the villians is that they want Scott for his power and dump on the reason he HAS THE POWER IN THE FIRST PLACE. Scott McCall is the True Alpha because he fights without having to kill. He believe in people and unless proven wrong, he gives them a chance. In a world as ugly and tainted as the world we live in (Let alone the Teen Wolf world) it is so fucking hard to find someone who honestly believes that people are good. Scott McCall is the True Alpha because he has fought against impossible odds and still refuses to become a monster. And people (within the show and within the fandom), label him as weak?? It’s so hard to hold onto hope. So hard. Fighting a constant battle against evil for the sake of others and still believing in pure goodness takes a hell of a lot of strength.

Scott McCall is an amazing person, and has been throughout the entire length of the show. Even if Scott is flawed (which he obviously is and always has been) that just makes him even more interesting. You don’t have to be perfect to be a hero. You don’t have to be perfect to be a leader. You don’t have to be perfect to earn power. You don’t to be perfect to be wirth loving and worth fighting for. Scott McCall shows that and has been showing that for almost five years now and y’all are still bitching about how ‘boring’ and ‘weak’ he is. What more could you possibly want out of a character?

Well, since HerrKirschbaum turned one year older today he was so lucky to receive this wonderful sketch from the lovely @bear-tholdt. Thank you so much, my dear!

It’s been handed from generation to generation since 1812 and it’s still in such a good shape. What cannot be seen here is the name of the painter of this beautiful little pic. If you remove the black paper though, you can read the name.

P. Ral (September 1812)

… I wonder who this person was.

How the Shit My Dad Says Dad Celebrates Valentine’s Day

My parents have been married for thirty-five years, and not once have they celebrated Valentine’s Day. I didn’t come upon this fact until last year when I stopped by their house to say hello and asked my dad what his plans were for February 14th. “Probably take the dog for a walk,” he responded as he stood in the kitchen, surgically preparing an orange for eating.

“You’re not gonna do anything with mom?” I asked.

“She might come on the walk. Although lately the dog’s had the shits and she ain’t a fan, so it might be a solo endeavor.”

“So you’re not going to dinner or anything?” I asked.


“Yeah, I get it. It’s a made up holiday anyway,” I replied.

“They’re all made up holidays, genius. You think Easter sprouted up from the fucking ground? No. Somebody had to say, ‘I’m a big fan of Jesus and I got a ham and some time to kill on a Sunday.’ ”

“But you celebrate Easter,” I said as I grabbed an orange slice he handed me.

“I like ham,” he replied as he grabbed his plate full of fruit and moved into the dining room.

“So then why don’t you celebrate Valentine’s day? I don’t care. I’m just curious,” I pushed.

“That’s the definition of caring, dum-dum. You know why human beings are here on earth? To fuck each other, make babies, then take care of those babies just long enough so that those babies are able to grow up and fuck each other and make more babies. That’s it. That’s our purpose in life. And if you don’t believe me, take a good look at yourself in the mirror right after you’re done jerking off next time and try to come up with a good reason as to why in the hell you just spent fifteen minutes doing that.”

“I would rather not do that.”

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More stories from my dad that always reprise him as a hippie.
  • Dad: Man, I need a haircut so badly.
  • Me: Your hair looks fine to me. How do you know?
  • Dad: I opened the windows of my car and my hair blows around everywhere. I feel like a hippie again.