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Allura’s Moving Castle AU

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my fav part of the series is when someone says something ย fucked up to ginko and theres a few moments of silence while he looks at them with a tired expression

+ another doodle i didnt want to post separately:

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I think my favorite thing about Yuri On Ice is that I REALLY can’t anticipate the way Yuri acts??

When I first started the anime I thought I wasn’t going to like Yuri much, he seemed like a lot of the usual ‘talented but socially awkward anime protags’ - he instantly reminded me of Onoda Sakamichi from Yowapeda, actually. I thought they were gonna be more similar. 

But Yowapeda’s really cheesy, has a big cast, and focuses more on the friendship/team aspect; YOI is like… so aggressively mature and Genuine, which is the word I always round back to when trying to describe the anime. Yuri feels like a real person because even though he’s so anxious and unsure of himself a lot, and dorky and easily flustered, he’s also got a lot of strength to his personality and his own less appealing traits and selfishness shine through, still. Which I think is something that doesn’t happen a lot with most protags like him?

I’m somewhat limited, I’ve only watched Yowapeda and Free! so I’m not well versed in the sports-anime tropes, but Onoda is a good example of a really likable protag who’s… a little one-note, I think? Like, I adore Onoda, he’s great, but he’s not nearly as compelling as Yuri in terms of depth of character (in my opinion anyway). Onoda’s kind of the ‘heart’ of the team, he’s the optimism and tenacity. But that’s also, sort of, all he is? 

Meanwhile Yuri’s someone who’s already recognized as being great at what he does, it’s just that he’s constantly holding himself back. He even admits that, despite having support around him at all sides, he still felt very alone and afraid, which is! Really interesting!! Yuri isn’t just some flatly written, nervous person with a heart of gold who just needs more practice to excel. He’s a person with worries and self-doubts but he’s also selfish, he has a hard time recognizing things outside of himself, and it hinders his ability to really grow as a person. 

I think that’s why I find his relationship with Viktor so refreshing and compelling. Viktor isn’t just a driving force who helps Yuri become a technically better athlete, he’s constantly helping Yuri recognize new things about himself, things that force Yuri to be thoughtful and grow as a person. The fact that he’s Yuri’s idol as well as an immensely accomplished skater helps Yuri take his words to heart, but I think the fact that he’s a clear love interest too - or, more specifically, not a lifelong friend or family member - is what really gives him an advantage in bringing out Yuri’s full potential. He can recognize aspects of Yuri that other people might never have been able to see, and he can coax them out through a mutual bond of trust and affection. 

And what I REALLY love, and what is seen in episode 5 too, is that Yuri is also giving Viktor a chance to be surprised and learn new things! Viktor is disappointed in Yuri (and surprised, I think) at Yuri’s attitude to a fellow skater/admirer, which has a lot to do with Yuri’s hyper-focus on himself and inability to see his own worth through the eyes of others, I think. Viktor also doesn’t expect Yuri to be disobedient, or to have the audience gravitate to his performance, despite flaws. He realizes this is part of Yuri’s appeal, too.

All in all, Yuri is just an extremely compelling protagonist, and certainly one of the view I’ve cared for so genuinely, one that’s always acting beyond my expectations. I find myself so terribly invested in his performances (my heart was racing during his free skate program…!), I want him to learn and succeed! To grow as a person and become more comfortable and understanding of himself. It’s so refreshing to have a protagonist like this, who’s easy to admire but feels so human, too. 

“you’ll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right.”
alec slowly looks up, letting the words sink in as he studies magnus’ face. it’s only when he reaches out for alec’s uninjured hand that he lets the determined look on his face be replaced with something softer.
alec puckers his lips, a gesture that almost makes him seem uncertain, but places his hand in magnus’. he pushes himself away from the stairs to take a step closer. it’s a slow and tired move; you can almost see the last bits of energy leave his body.
magnus lowers their intertwined hands as alec takes another step towards him.
“can i heal it?” he asks softly, glances down at alec’s left hand for a second and then looks up again. he doesn’t make a move to do so yet, doesn’t even so much as look at alec expectantly. he doesn’t assume, he just waits.
you can see alec think for a moment, his eyes still on magnus, brows furrowed. he sucks his lips in before pursing them again.
after a while he shakes his head. 
magnus lifts the corners of his lips slightly - not enough for it to be a smile, but just enough to let alec know he understands - and nods. “ok.”
he doesn’t push, doesn’t look at him with pity or disappointment. he just nods as he squeezes alec’s hand. “let’s go inside.”

                           𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚄𝚂𝙴 𝚈𝙾𝚄

“What? You didn’t think I’d just leave and you’d never hear from me again, did you? You are my dearest friend, perhaps my only friend. That will never change no matter where we are.”

My tribute to Eleven Little Roosters along with Ten Little Roosters.

Major spoilers tho for both tlr and elr if u havent watched them yet, sorry.

I enjoyed it a lot and I wanted to make smth in the first place but I was waiting for all the eps to come out and im so glad i waited or else this probably wouldnt have come out as nice as I wanted it 👀

anywho i hope its good enough

I just want to say, ever since I got more comfortable about my presense here, and not giving a shit what I post, I feel happier. 

I did kinda care about notes and attention. But it was not just that. I enjoyed my art, and I enjoyed the attention. Now I’m just happy that hey, people like this! Hey, I’ve improved so much with art! whoa! who cares if people don’t like, I do and that’s good enough :D

Thank you to everyone who sticks around and likes my stuff. <33 

this post is going to be like half an outline for a fic i want to write and half a hope it’ll inspire someone else to write it instead but ive been thinking about how dirk must have learned more basic life skills. he can cook (or ‘cook’), has a place of his own, and presumably do laundry, among many other things.

while it’s entirely possible the CIA taught him some of them that seems a) unlikely for the age he’s implied to have been when he left and b) unlikely in general because lbr, the CIA sucks. so i suggest that just as the universe puts food in bart’s path when she needs to eat, it put people in dirk’s path to teach him how to survive. 

imagine him ending up in the yard of a lonely old woman who takes an immediate liking to the strange, skinny, scared, english boy in her garden. after practically dragging him inside and forcing him to eat, she starts complaining about how the young these days never have enough time for their elders and she’s been waiting all week for her grandkids to come over and help her with housework. dirk realizes this must be why he’s here and eagerly offers to assist. he knows next to nothing but that’s alright because he can follow directions and at the end of it he can change a lightbulb and clean dishes like a pro.

the next mission (as he has taken to calling them) isnt so easy. a troubled high school senior has vanished from her foster home in the middle of the night. the missing girl’s older sister doesnt understand who dirk is and why he cares, but she’s just glad someone does, the police have’n already written her baby sis off as a lost cause runaway. she let’s him crash on her couch for a week and feeds him what she can spare; in return by the end of the week he finds the girl and get’s her back relatively unharmed. turns out the girl’s (much older) boyfriend had kidnapped her and dirk experiences someone pulling a knife on him for the first time. but hey, he learned how to kinda cook and rent an apartment.

the early days are the easiest even tho he has no clue what’s going on (even more so than later). the people he meets are more kind and receptive than they’ll ever be again and getting involved in cases aren’t such a struggle. a few years down the line while he’s happily cooking in his kitchen, alone but free, he recognizes what the universe did for him to get to this point.

if he didn’t feel like such a pawn he’d almost be grateful.