Joe Sugg imagine || Cheating prank. ||

Pre-quel to the break up prank

Anonymous said: 

Would you ever want to do like a prequel to the break up prank where like its the prank that joe does where he like pretends he’s cheating lol

- - -

~ Joe’s POV ~

“Okay, I gotta do this quick because (Y/N) is coming round very, very soon.” Joe said in a rushed voice as he held his camera, he was shirtless and moving around his bedroom quickly. “Basically – I’m trying to prank her, she’s very hard to prank as you guys know from my ‘failing to prank my girlfriend’ videos.” He yawned a little.

“I know this is really mean, but I’m basically going to prank her into thinking I’ve cheated.” Joe held up a finger to the camera, “please don’t get mad at me, I know it’s mean because she’s an amazing person and I love her… But, I am a prankster!” Joe grinned.

“Ooh my big strong prankster.” A higher pitched voice came from out of camera view, Joe turned the camera quickly and Caspar stood wiggling his fingers in a wave, while he wore a long wavy brown wig. “Can I just say, can I JUST SAY!” Caspar interjected quickly. “(Y/N), when you watch this,  just know I was against this entire prank.” His face was very close up to the camera before.

“Yeah, sure Caspar – that’s why you’re in a wig…” Joe muttered, looking at the clock on the wall. “Alright, her bus should be due…” He set the camera down on his desk between his MacBook and some books, Caspar swan dove into Joe’s bed, flopping around for a good minute in excitement before pulling the duvet over himself, facing the window, the brown hair of the wig was sticking out all over the place.

Joe was staring at him from the edge of the bed, just blinking before shaking his head. “I’m sorry babe, I love you!” Joe exclaimed before climbing into bed himself, turning the lamp off, he glanced up to the go-pro he positioned strategically and winked.

~ Your POV ~

Rubbing your eyes, you sat on the bus unsure of why seven o'clock in the morning really existed, headphones on trying to listen to some pump up music to be a little more alert but you really just couldn’t wait to get to Joe’s and crash for another couple hours.

The evening was coming back to haunt you, having gone out for a meal and some drinks with your girl friends, while Joe went out with his guy friends and did the same thing, however at 12:30 you threw in the towel and took your ass home to bed.

Reaching over you hit the stop button as the driver pulled away from the last stop and you stood up, thankful the bus wasn’t too crowded as you waited by the back door, as it came to the stop you took your headphone out and let it rest under the neck of your sweater. “Thank you.” You called toward the driver, as you got off, the cool morning air hitting your face.

Slipping your hands into your pockets you headed up the street before taking a left onto the street Joe’s and finding your keys, you unlocked the door and walked in. The place was silent and you figured both Joe and Caspar were still asleep with hangovers.

Quietly you took off your sneakers and took your bag off your shoulder, setting it on the counter as you headed downstairs.

~ Joe’s POV ~

Perking up, Joe could hear the movement upstairs, “shh, shh!” Joe wanted to smack Caspar who was trying to contain some giggling by having his hand over his mouth, “I’m sorry this is cruel! … But funny.” He said in a harsh whisper back at Joe. 

They both fell silent as the footsteps down the stairs became louder before stopping at the bottom, his heart raced as the door knob slowly turned.

~ Your POV ~

“Joe, I’m tired move over.” You said in a soft whisper as you opened the bedroom door, going to step in you stopped and stared over the bed.

The brown hair and another body made you freeze and you just stared while your mind proceed what you were seeing… You felt your chest tightening. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” You yelled, but it sounded like a whisper in your ears.

Joe turned around in the blankets quickly, “(Y/N)!” He said in shock, following your eye line to the figure beside him in bed. “It’s not… It’s not what he looks like honestly…” He scrambled to get up as you stepped back.

“Baby.” He said coming across the hardwood quickly but you stepped out of the room onto the downstairs, “I can’t believe you! JOE!” You snapped, a sick feeling washing over you, unsure if you wanted to cry, scream, throw something or, all three.

“(Y/Nickname), baby, please – just listen to me… It was an accident…” Joe was pleading with you, following you up the stairs as you went up them backwards keeping your eyes on him. “An accident!? Why is she even here? Did you accidentally forget you had a girlfriend last night?” You snapped.

“What? No!” Joe exclaimed. “Did you accidentally trip and fall into her vagina?!” You were yelling and you could have cared less if the neighbouring apartments could hear you. Joe had stopped at the top of the stairs watching as you moved across the floor, grabbing your bag and throwing it on, a smile spread across his face and he tried not to laugh at your comment.

“Are you laughing? WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!?” You had lost any volume or emotional control you had left. “You bastard!” You picked up the green and yellow sponge on the counter and threw it at him, but it was dry and light and landed a few inches from you.

“(Y/N)” Joe said again trying to approach you as you put your shoes on, “no, no – I don’t wanna hear it, fuck you.” You said dangerously in a low voice. You kept blinking as the tears were starting, your face felt incredibly hot.

“Joe? Joe…?” A voice called from downstairs and you looked up. “Babe, babe!” Joe said seeing your entire expression change from hurt to serious. “Babe!” Joe caught you as you tried storming by him back to the stairs, he held onto you around your waist and you struggling with him.

“Was she worth it? I wanna see if she was worth it! What did she have bigger boobs?!” You snapped, still trying to pry his hands apart to let you go. “I mean, they are pretty great!” Came from downstairs and Caspar came into view, wearing boxers and one of your bras, stuffed with what looked like toilet tissue, he was leaning against the stair railing seductively, the wig still messy.

You stopped fighting against Joe and your knees went weak, your heart almost stopping, while the laughter of Caspar and Joe filled the apartment. “Are you joking?” You whispered as Joe let you go and you turned to look at him.

“GOT YOU!” Joe pointed at you with both his index fingers, an evil was glimmering around his blue eyes, as he laughed. “That wasn’t funny.” You said seriously, slapping him in the arm rather hard as you glared at him.

“It was kinda funny.” Joe admitted, pulling you against him despite your protest, “I would never, I love you.” He kissed your forehead as you kept glaring. “I think we successfully pranked (Y/N)” Caspar said looking at a GoPro on the kitchen table after coming up the stairs.

“I hate you both.” You muttered. “Oh come on Caspar, thats my good bra, too!” You got a better look at it. “I think its very slimming.” Caspar put his hands on his sides and did a model like pose, winking at you. “I still hate you both, so much… My heart is racing!” You took Joes hand and placed it against your chest on the left. “You, you caused this!” You exclaimed.

“Oh… I’m sure I’ll make it race again later on.” He whispered into your ear, before kissing just under it on your neck and you started to melt. “Don’t do that, I’m mad at you.” You tried holding strong.

“We did it!” Joe was laughing again, holding onto your hand at he looked at the GoPro, “we pranked her.” He held your hand and his up victoriously.

“… … I’m going back to bed.” You whispered. “You’ll both suffer for this! You just wait!” You looked between then and nodded. “You threw a sponge at me!” Joe exclaimed and you narrowed your eyes. “Lucky I didn’t shove it up your ass.” You muttered, heading downstairs…