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Quest for Boston - One of the Toughest Track Workouts of 2012

Tonight’s track workout was long and TOUGH. With a storm front bearing down on Nashville, we started everything a few minutes early. Also, even though the temps were slightly lower than the 90 degrees we faced last week, the humidity was NASTY! Here’s a rundown of the night…

  • 2-Mile Warmup
  • 6 x 100m Stride Outs
  • 800m f (300m Recovery)
  • 2 x 400m g (200m / 400m Recovery)
  • 600m f (300m Recovery)
  • 2 x 400m g (200m / 400m Recovery)
  • 800m f (300m Recovery)
  • Two Laps of Straights & Curves
  • ½-Mile Cool Down

After our first 800m interval, John broke us up into two groups with Nathan, Sue Anne, and I taking the lead. Both of them were just a hair faster than me tonight, but it was nice to have someone to run with after basically running solo last week. All three of us were struggling with the humidity, especially for me during the 600m interval and the final 800m were my heart rate went above 190.

Even though the humidity was awful, I still managed to crank out fairly consistent splits throughout. My beginning and ending 800m intervals were 2:57 and 2:55 respectively. My four 400m repeats were 1:24, 1:21, 1:21, and 1:21.

The total for the night was 7.2-miles completed with warmup and cool down, and 4.3-miles of this was the actual workout. This is a fairly long workout for our group, and I really felt it at times tonight. However, even though it was a hard one, it was a very good workout. At the end Nathan commented about how this was the type of workout where it would have been easy to quit if you were by yourself. It is really awesome to have the camaraderie and accountability that come from running with our awesome group!

Beast Mode…ON!*

*John said this to me tonight about halfway through the workout with a fist-bump, and I really needed it :-)

Quest for Boston - Week Two at Harpeth Hall

Thursday night means track workout with the JSRC. Tonight was the second of our three week stint at the Harpeth Hall while the Nashville Strider’s Track Series is being held at Vanderbilt. After having great weather last Thursday evening, the heat was back tonight with temps around 90 degrees at the start.

With the heat I was nervous about how I would feel considering I’ve already had one bad run this week. Also, my calves were REALLY sore from my Hattori run yesterday. I didn’t run any more mileage in my Hattoris than usual, but my pace was a bit quicker than I normally do in them.

Here’s the rundown…

  • 2+ mile warmup
  • 6 x 100m stride outs
  • 4 x 200m f (100m recovery) [400m recovery]
  • 600m g (400m recovery)
  • 4 x 250m f (150m recovery) [400m recovery]
  • 600m g (400m recovery)
  • 4 x 200m f (100m recovery)
  • .8 mile cool down

While I did notice a slight slowdown in my pace from last week due to the heat, I otherwise felt fantastic! Don’t get me wrong, it was very hot, but for some reason the heat did not seem to get to me tonight (though I did drink 64 ounces of fluid during the workout). The only issue I had at all was that my form felt a little sloppy in the curves during the first set of 4 x 200m. This got much better as we went along, so I’m guessing it had a lot to do with my sore calves.

Overall I was very pleased with the consistency of my splits. The two sets of “fresh” 400m repeats were 44, 44, 45, 43 and 43, 42, 42, 42, and my two 600m “good” intervals were 2:08 and 2:07. My final total with warmup and cool down was 7.39-miles completed at a 7:43 average pace.

Beast Mode…ON!

Quest for 3:15 - Chicago Training Day 4

Log for July 7th - Training for Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9th.  Goal for the fall and winter marathon season is to break 3:15 for the first time.


  • 7-mile track workout - It was soooo good to be back with the Jim Spivey Running Club (JSRC) for a track workout tonight.  The group runs were moved from Thur to Wed for 3 weeks due to a conflict at the track (I’m not available on Wed evenings), and I missed last week’s workout on Thur because of vacation. 

    The conditions were not ideal as the humidity was so thick that it felt like running through a bowl of soup, and tonight’s workout was tough.  However, I was feeling really, really good. My buddy Nathan and I ran this workout together almost stride for stride.  We took turns leading the laps, and with one exception, maintained very consistent splits throughout.  With warmup and cooldown, I was able to complete 7 total miles, and then enjoyed a nice dinner at The Dog of Nashville with the group.
  • Cross Training - This has not been a great week for cross training.  I got home late because of track, and am really gonna have a hard time doing upper-body work until my hand heals a little more from the fall on Tuesday.  Hoping to be back doing upper body soon.
Quest for Boston - Mile Repeats with the JSRC

Great track workout tonight with the JSRC. The temperatures were in the low 80s this afternoon, which easily makes this the warmest track day so far in 2012.

I got to Vanderbilt about an hour early and ran an easy 5.5-mile warmup around campus and on the track. My legs are still fairly sore from doing P90X: Legs and Back on Tuesday, so the extra warmup really helped loosen up my muscles.

The actual workout was 4 x 1600m (1-mile) repeats with 400m recovery. Our instructions were to run the intervals at marathon pace. Since my only upcoming spring marathon is as the 4-hour pacer in the Country Music Marathon, I asked John (our coach) if I could run the intervals at goal half marathon pace instead. I am running in the Oak Barrel Half Marathon a week from Saturday, and was actually hoping for mile repeats so I could practice my half marathon pace. He said that would be ok, so I was shooting for something between 6:40 and 6:50. I ended up running all of the repeats with Sue Anne and Nathan, and we completed the four intervals in 6:40, 6:42, 6:38, and 6:37. These were a little faster than my target but (1) I felt really good (2) The pace was consistent. I was actually really pleased with how well I felt considering the higher temps and the fact that I did a 5.5-mile warmup. I never felt winded and could have run more repeats at the end. In total I completed 11.5-miles with warmup and cooldown.

After the workout, John advised me (he is also my personal coach) to take tomorrow off since I already have almost 40 miles completed this week. I had been hoping to get in 60+ miles total for the week, but he told me to be more conservative in ramping up my mileage to hopefully avoid injury. This makes a lot of sense, and I’m glad that I have someone to give me feedback. So, I’m going to enjoy my unexpected rest day tomorrow and then get back to work on Saturday morning.

Beast Mode…ON!

Quest for Boston - Warm Track Workout with the JSRC

It was a warm day in Music City and a warm evening at track tonight with the JSRC. Our group was a bit smaller than usual since we had 11 people participating in either the Southern Indiana Classic or Boston Marathons last weekend. However, we were joined for the first time by my friends Mark and Josh from our church, and it was good to have them with us.

After a 3-mile warmup, including 6 x 100m stride outs, our workout consisted of 3 sets of 1000m (300m Recovery), 400m (400m Recovery). For the first set my legs felt very rubbery, especially during the 400m interval. I told Paxton this must have been due to the hard tempo effort on Tuesday morning. However, I felt much better during the second set, and fantastic during the final set. After the workout John said that this was good, but maybe in the future I should think about pushing the pace a little bit more or running an extra set since I felt so fresh at the end.

We finished up with a nice, easy cool down jog around Vanderbilt, which marked 8.4-miles completed for the evening. After track most of us headed out to the Dog of Nashville for a fun dinner. Great evening!

Beast Mode….ON!

Quest for 3:15 - Chicago Training Day 25

Log for July 28 - Training for Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9th.  Goal for the fall and winter marathon season is to break 3:15 for the first time.


  • 6.25-Mile Track Workout - Tonight was undoubtedly the warmest track workout of the year. It was mid 90s at the start with a heat index over 100 degrees. I got in a nice 2-mile warmup on the grass infield, but could tell that it was going to be a difficult night with the heat. Our coach turned on a grass sprinkler in the infield so that we could run through the spray during our recoveries to try and cool down. This turned out to be a GREAT idea that I used during every recovery. All things considered I felt really good tonight for most of the workout, which consisted of various 200m and 500m repeats with one set of straights and curves. Paxton looked especially strong tonight, but I was able to hang with him up until the last set. During our final 500m (next to last interval set), I pushed it a little too hard in the heat and didn’t have much energy for our final set of 200m repeats. During this set, my 200m times were around 2 seconds slower than during the earlier set, and Paxton ended up finishing almost 200m ahead of me at the end.  All-in-all, it was a good workout, and I learned a lesson about not pushing it too hard in the extreme heat and humidity.

    On a related note, I absolutely love our running group. We had dinner after track at the Dog of Nashville (my family was also able to join us), and I had a fabulous time hanging out with everyone (as always). There are a number of races over the next 6 months that many of us will be doing together, and I’m really looking forward to them all (Tupelo 14.2, Chicago Marathon, Ragnar Relay, New Orleans Marathon).

  • Cross Training - Tonight was P90X: X-Stretch – So needed this tonight!
Quest for 3:15 - Chicago Training Day 11 (Workout with Jim Spivey)

Log for July 14th - Training for Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 9th.  Goal for the fall and winter marathon season is to break 3:15 for the first time.


  • 6.6-Mile Track Workout - Well tonight a mediocre running week took an incredible turn toward the positive. Great track workout with the JSRC, and I felt really, really good tonight. The workout was just over 4-miles, and I got in 6.6 with warmup, strides, and cooldown. BUT, the best part of tonight was that the workout was lead by 3-time Olympian Jim Spivey! He is the founder of our club, and stopped by tonight while on a visit from Chicago.  For those of you not familiar with Jim, here are a few of his running highlights:

    • Three-time Olympian - 1984, 1992 and 1996.  His 1500 meter time in the 1984 Olympics remains the fastest time by an American in an Olympics’ final.
    • Member of the 1983 Helsinki, Finland; 1987 Rome; 1991 Tokyo; 1993 Stuttgart, Germany and 1995 Gothenburg, Sweden USA World Championship teams.
    • American record holder for 2000 meters, 4:52:44, set in Lausanne, Switzerland in September, 1987.
    • 1:46.5 800 meters – 1982 San Francisco
    • 2:16.05 1000 meters – 1984 Eugene, Oregon
    • 3:49.80 mile 1986 – Oslo, Norway
    • 7:37.07 3000 meters 1993 – Cologne, West Germany
    • 13:15.86 5000 meters 1994 – Berlin, Germany (at age 34)
  • Cross Training - Did P90X: Shoulders and Arms before track tonight. When I did this workout last week, my had was still hurting from the fall.  Today, there was some mild soreness, but overall it is healing very well.