Fat Girl Part 2 - Junior Scientist Power Hour

I shared this comic by Amy Howard on Facebook a few weeks ago along with a note saying that I don’t care that I’m fat and refuse to feel ashamed of my body anymore. Lots of people liked it and commented saying I’m beautiful blablahblah whatever. But the best thing happened. My mum read it. My mum liked it. My mum commented on it and shared it. My mum, who has always tried to “help” me “change” (and caused me a whooole lot of grief over the years), finally understood that I am not a problem that needs to be fixed. I am not broken, I am not less than, I am not suffering. I’m just fat. And I don’t give a shit. And now I’ve got my mum in my corner. That’s huge.

Cheers, Amy!

Cockney Cartoonist No. 2 is abby-howard of jspowerhour.com and Last Halloween fame. (I need a better name for these since they’re not technically cockney rhymes anymore).

I love Abby’s work not just because her humour and artwork are always on point (for real, style be tight), but because it’s shot through with enthusiasm and sincerity. It’s easy to find a thousand “This strawman’s a loser, amirite? Jokesjokesjokes” formula comics or self-deprecating journal pieces, but with Abby the warts and all nature is not the punchline of a joke, rather the entry point saying “I care deeply about certain things, you’re going to have to be cool with that before we hang”.

Also I know fossil power comes from fuels made of ancient forest and vegetation fossils not dinosaurs, give me a break, I drew a feathered raptor!