nerdtrampler-deactivated2014101  asked:


1.) See below.

3.) I have a lot of best friends. And I know that sounds stupid, but I trust in a lot of people, and I feel very comfortable accepting that I have allowed a lot of people to become my “best friend.” Maybe that says something about being my friend, that it’s a responsibility that must be shared by many, but that’s just how I operate. I fucking love all of my best friends because they help keep me grounded. They force me to leave my comfort zone when I need to, and they challenge me to do something new everyday. They’re all there for me, and they all make me feel invincible.
4.) I cried two nights ago because I was watching this youtube video of this adorable puppy. It was SO SO SO SO cute. I couldn’t handle it.
5.) I currently have a nose ring, and my ears single pierced. I used to have my left ear double pierced, and my cartilage on my right ear pierced, but I let those close up. 
6.) Led Zeppelin
7.)  Arrogance. 
8.) Top Five Bands:
     Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, CCR, The Ramones, Elliott Smith
9.) The color wheel of light, and “Et in Arcadia ego”.
10.) See below.
11.) 18
12.) I don’t think I have a perfect date. I just like good conversation, good sex, puppies, books, music, and movies. Any combination of the above would be fine. 
13.) See below.
14.) I want to reopen my double piercing in my left ear, and get four rings in my left cartilage, with an industrial in my right ear. 
15.) Single
16.) It changes rather frequently; right now I’d have to say City Island
17.) I am always working to better myself.
18.) Feet
19.) I don’t have a middle name
20.) You wanted me to talk about where I want my tattoos and why. I want all of my tattoos on my feet so that they are easily hidden. I want “Et in Arcadia ego,” on my left foot, because it was one of the first phrases I learned in Latin, meaning, “Even in Arcadia I am there.” It suggests that even in a utopian society, there is death. I know it’s depressing, but I feel it’s a reminder that death is inevitable, and that’s why we should try to be the best people we can be. I want the color wheel of light on my other foot, because I like that as the colors mix together, they create white. They create an absence of color, an almost purity. I like that as everything mixes, there is some sort of peace and pureness.