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This the Severed Heads Come Visit the Big Bigot LP. I purchased this album in the record store in the basement of the Coffman Student Union at the University of MN in late 1986. The bomb emblem became the centerpiece of my leather jacket not so much for the band but for the proclamation from Preacher Bob (he and Sister Suzy would come to the U of MN every spring to call all the women that walked by them “whores”) that every bomb in the U.S. arsenal had a “holy” purpose. I think it was an apt comparison albeit not in the way Bob thought it was.

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The MDC show caused a huge riot in Minneapolis in ‘83 or '84 at the 7th St Entry because of what their acronym stood for (Millions of Dead Cops). Of course the “live” cops showed up and beat up all the kids with unnatural hair colors and hairdos. The TV stations had staked out the venue for days ahead of the show. I bought this album in 1982 at the 7th St Northern Lights store. Thankfully, Sonic Warp put on a couple of MDC shows in '87 and '89. Dave Dictor is an awesome man!

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