Interning at NASA is awesome!! …so I had to make some gifs

So the top gif is me sitting in front of NASA’s thermal testing chamber. At this time the chamber was heating up so I had a 45 min break before taking data again. We were testing HD video cameras that will be on the outside of the space station in a few months. They will mostly help with navigation and systems checking.

The second and last images are in front of one of NASA’s 360 degree virtual reality chambers. I’ll post more about these in the future, they are super cool and deserve a post all to their own. The third image is me programming in a good old Linux terminal.

…And the fourth image is me basking in the glory of an Saturn V rocket. This is the rocket that took us to the moon! If any of you ever get the opportunity to see one I highly recommend it.

So if you guys want to keep up with my NASA intern adventures I post about it about twice a week, check out astronomicalwonders.tumblr.com, and you can follow my adventures on twitter @astro_wonders if you so choose. also check out ourtech she’s the one in the last pic!

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I submitted this for cswritingchallenge, but I guess we’re on hiatus there or something? [am I just out of the loop with that, btw? what happened there?]

Anywho - enjoy some angsty smut on the house. 


Both Killian and Emma suffer from nightmares, but over time they find ways to deal with them together. Insert angst and smut here. 

For a while they take turns waking up alone - their nightmares checkerboarded so that neither of them get any sleep.

Sometimes he wakes to the sound of his own voice, hoarse with desperation, pleading with the demons of his mind not to hurt her, to leave her and her family alone. Her concerned eyes search his as she cups his cheek, helping him steady his breathing.

Sometimes she wakes in a cold sweat, images of his handsome features twisted and marred in pain as her father’s blade slips from his back still fresh in her mind. He pulls her body closer to him, his hand stroking comforting circles into her hip as he whispers reassurances into her neck.

Eventually their bodies fall into a kind of rhythm, the rough nights hitting them both at the same time.

On those nights they don’t even try anymore. They admit defeat and head to the couch for popcorn and Netflix. Actually, it’s kind of become a ritual of sorts.

It’s a night like this when Emma dramatically throws her arm over her face with a huff – straightening her legs and pointing her toes a little as she breathes deeply [the sheets smell like him – soap, leather, the ocean] and tries remember what woke her. Surprisingly, nothing comes to mind.

She rolls over to get more comfortable and ease herself back to sleep when she notices.

He’s turned away from her, shoulders pulled in toward his chin, knees tucked toward his chest. He looks so small. His breathing is shaky and erratic, and she knows he’s awake. He must’ve been the reason she woke up.

She slips her arm around his waist [the way he flinches at her touch doesn’t go unnoticed] and pulls herself against him, kissing his shoulder lightly.

“You OK?” She whispers, voice filled with concern. This isn’t like the others. Something is wrong. She grows even more worried as the silence between them grows longer.

“Killian?” She says a little louder, gripping his hip and gently pulling it toward the bed to turn him on his back. He fights for a moment before she feels his body relax and allow her to pull him over.

Even in the low light she can see that his eyes are rimmed red and he can’t bring himself to look at her - he looks right through her.

“Tell me.” She traces his jawline with her fingertips, the movement pulling him from the recesses of his mind. When he finally looks at her it’s with both adoration and sadness.

“Was it the same one? With Gold?” She prompts. He only shakes his head a little in response.

He swallows hard - adam’s apple bobbing as he shifts a little.

“Dave.” He says simply, and she finally understands.

She knew that he remembered the alternate reality – he joked about holding it over her father’s head – and the memory had found it’s way into her dreams before, but he’d never talked about it haunting his own.

Seeing him like this made her feel like her heart was being ripped from her chest - which is funny considering it’s something he’s literally experienced and she’s only heard of. But she imagines this is what it feels like - pressure and shooting pain so overwhelming you can hardly breathe.

His face is blank again - she can see that he’s back there again, living the memory whether he’s away or asleep.

“Killian, come back to me.” She says lovingly - hand stroking his hair behind his ear.

“I’m trying, love.” He screws his eyes shut - trying to banish the thoughts by will alone.

When he opens them again she sees that he succeeded, but she knows him well enough to know the calm won’t last long without a distraction.

“Netflix?” she asks, propping herself on her elbow. “Or is there another distraction you prefer?” She puts her hand on her hip and pushes her chest out a little, smirking flirtatiously at him - hoping to break his sullen mood.

Finally, he smiles sweetly (not exactly  the reaction she was hoping for, but she’ll take it) and places a soft kiss to her forehead.

“I don’t deserve you.” He says as he pulls back a little to meet her eyes with sincerity.

“Quit it with that crap.” She responds quickly, slapping his chest lightly - leaving her palm splayed over his heart - which beats a little faster at her candor. “I mean it.”

“As you wish,” he concedes. And she can tell the worst is over.

“Now, seriously, Netflix?” She offers, knowing they won’t be able to sleep again, anyway.

His lopsided grin returns (which makes her heart feel unbelievably full), and in one swift movement he pulls her on top of him.

“I believe there was talk of another distraction,” his hands hold her firmly in place while moves his hips in a teasing circle.

“As you wish” she echoes back to him.

He groans as she wriggles her hips a little so she can lower herself to him. He impatiently pulls her down to fuse their lips in a kiss that quickly leaves them short of breath.

“Bloody siren” he mumbles as she kisses a hot trail down his chest and dips her hand between them to palm at his length - she can feel him twitch and harden even further under her touch, his sharp intake of breath lets her know exactly what she’s doing to him.

She snakes her way even farther down, slipping her thumbs into the waistband of his boxers - pulling them down as she goes.

Reversing direction, she continues kissing up the line of his muscular leg - his shin, his knee, his quad, his hip bone. If she wasn’t practically dizzy with her own desire, she could probably hear his racing heart and shallow breaths.

As much as he loves the feeling of her slowly exploring his body, he feels the sudden urge to be in control, so he brings his hand to the small of her back, expertly flipping their positions – bringing him teasingly close to her core.

Her legs fall further open, unabashedly welcoming him further as he shifts his hips slowly, dragging his cock through her dripping folds - and she groans and grinds against him - searching for the friction her body desperately craves.

“Always so wet for me,” he growls, continuing his motions.

She can hardly take it anymore, every fiber of her being is burning with want and he’s taking so long.

“Killian, please –” her plea has barely left her lips before he buries himself completely in her with a single solid stroke.

“Bloody hell, Emma.” He chokes out, stilling inside her before the feel of her stretched tightly around him takes him over the edge.

“God, Killian, move” she gyrates her hips and swallows his moan with a kiss.

He sets a languid pace, biting his lower lip as he catalogues every sensation, every breathy moan, every needy kiss.

Before long he can feel her start to tense - she’s just as close as he his when he slips his hand to where they’re joined, quickly finding her bundle of nerves and drawing light circles as she curses and praises him.

“Oh god, yes” she doesn’t even notice how loud she is and he swells with pride at the way she reacts to his touch.

“Don’t stop - don’t stop” she keeps pleading with him as he insistently rubs tight circles with his hand and drives his hips into her earnestly, hitting that spot deep inside that makes her see stars just before she crashes over the edge - contracting around him with such force that it’s all he can do to thrust into her one last time with a sharp snap - crying her name as he spills himself inside her.

They’re a sated tangle of limbs and linens as they catch their breath.

“I love you, Killian.” She sighs as she snuggles into his chest.

“And I you, Swan. Always.” He kisses the top of her head and pulls her closer.

Once again, he feels complete. Whole. Content. And they’re lulled back into a peaceful sleep - the nightmares replaced with heartwarming dreams of the future they’re making together.

anonymous asked:

thank you so much for all your updates at NASA!! i'm really happy for you and i hope you're having a great time there (: being able to work in this field has been sort of a huge dream of mine, and i love your updates (and the blog itself obv)! if you can, could you share about your journey on how you ended up where you are? i'd love to know more about the process haha thank you! and all the best at NASA (:

First of all, thank you! I really love that you are all so supportive of me. It means a lot to me. & I’m sure that if you work towards it you will end up here too!

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated about my work at NASA, I’ll typically post 2 times a week about it. Most of my posts will still be images of space with small explanations written by me.

About the Journey (very brief):

I’ll start off from college: I came in as a freshman wanting to major in computer science and astrophysics (and still am). I got involved in UGA’s marching band and didn’t do much else (I play trombone). Then, as a sophomore, I joined the marching band’s leadership team. this is where I think things started to set me apart. I would highly recommend joining the leadership of any clubs you are passionate about. It is really good to be around motivated people. So after that I got a summer internship at the Home Depots research lab in Atlanta, it was super fun. I worked with Google Glass, 3D printing, Virtual Reality and a few other crazy cool things. After that I knew I really did love technology.

When I came back to school for a third year I went crazy. I built a 3D printer (now broken), became the section leader in band, joined the leadership of the two main technology clubs at UGA (IEEE and ACM), became an undergraduate researcher (I built the first google glass score viewing app, rebuilt the UGA bands website, and will soon be building a smart music podium). How I became an undergraduate researcher is an entire story all to itself, I’ll tell you guys if there is enough interest.  Where things really started to change is when I lead the team that won UGA’s first nationally recognized hackathon (I made a post about it). That then sparked me to join the startup community at UGA. I’ve given talks about space exploration at UGA and we have even given talks to investors in Atlanta (our soon to be start-up). Now my friends and I are starting UGA’s first nationally recognized hackathon and it should be really cool. Then I started getting even more ambitious. I wanted to help put UGA’s first satellite in orbit. Now I am working with our physics department to help do it - it is a project that is still developing.

I applied to many different companies for the summer, NASA was my top choice. At one point I even had a trip to tumblr’s Headquarter in New York. As far as NASA goes, I applied for the internship online at NASA’s OSSI. There were a few phone interviews and then I got it. I encourage those of you who love science/space/technology like I do to apply too.

Again thank you for all the support. <3 I live a kind of crazy life and I find that many people love to tell me what I cannot do. I love that all of you are not those kind of people!

Me at work everyday:

Jasper &
  • Jasper:Jasper chuckled at his cousin's demand but of course that wasn't going to stop him. As he was setting up the club, a figure walked into the building. He looked over at her. It wasn't a face he recognized but he was sure he might have seen her before. "Sorry ma'am we're closed, won't be open for at least maybe another couple of hours."
Dawgs 'n Space | UGA Junior Lands at NASA - Hypepotamus
Share this:Current UGA student, Caleb Adams, has accomplished more already than most aspire to in a lifetime. He runs the most popular astronomy blog on Tumblr with over 147,000 followers, he helped build the first-ever music score viewing app on Google Glass, his startup, NeoGalactics, is striving to make space observation more accessible to all, …

Hi Everyone, Here is a personal update! - for those of you curious about my work

An Atlanta newspaper recently interviewed me and wrote an article about me. I’ve had several asks recently about what I’ve done to get to NASA and this article does a good job at explaining it. Check it out if you want, I honestly would not have had this opportunity if it weren’t for you guys! Thank you so much!

where we were.

du bist irgendwo am ende deiner kräfte und sowieso voller rot gestaut um bleiben zu können. ich lebe an einem ort nun, an dem du nicht mehr nachsiehst. die begrifflichkeiten sind einsilbig, die entschuldigungen trocken. wir reiben immer noch ein, zwei erinnerungen an den sommer wund, doch in der hitze des gefechts ist glut auch nur heiße asche. ich habe 26 280 stunden damit verbracht dich in der galle zu tragen und gehofft, es wäre keine säure.
ich kann dich hallen spüren, irgendwo, dazwischen. dein klang zersetzt sich auf meiner haut in narben.