This is my future, this is what i want to do. I want to show the world beauty. I want this one picture to be share around the web. I want others to be inspired. I want you to go for your dreams. Never let anyone else say your not good enough, cause i know you are.

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Science and Astronomy turned 3 today!

Thank you everyone for making tumblr a special place - here are some awesome space gifs what I posted in the past!

I never thought that I would be able to share astronomy and scientific literacy with over 150,000 awesome people! I started this blog when I was a senior in high-school because I liked space and Carl Sagan… now I study Astrophysics & Computer Science and work for NASA. I never thought any of this would happen the way it did. I really think it’s because of the support all of you have provided. It is because of you I was able to believe in myself, so:


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this is about somebody else.

ins sommerloch mit dir gefallen, und dort an den wänden unsere namen hinterlassen. mit kreide, mit küssen, mit den wimpernaufschlägen einer sekunde, die zählte. doch das gewitter kam und wir waren ausgewaschen, auf löschpapier geschrieben und wieder vergessen. zerknittert in unsren betten liegend, allein. ich habe briefe geschrieben, mit blut unterzeichnet, meiner mutter deinen namen verraten, wie es klingt soetwas als erwachsene zu sagen.
bin dennoch im takt des rolltreppengeratters vorangeschritten, ohne erlaubnis doch mit nachdruck. den bogen überspannt, jede fractur vervielfacht. nur um einen einzigen tag ohne sehnsucht zu verbringen. wenn es regnet, sammelt sich eine kleine pfütze auf meinem balkon. und beim verlassen pulsiert sie. wie dein herz, an meinem. im sommerloch und den namen an den wänden. kein verließ, keine reue. irgendwann geschehen und die einzelheiten vergessen, selbst wenn die hitze geht, der geruch bleibt bestehen.


Astronaut Training Facility - The life of a NASA intern

It’s pretty cool to be a NASA intern, especially on days when you get to see some of the astronaut training areas. This particular area has full scale moch-ups of spacecraft as well as International Space Station modules that the astronauts train in. Astronauts were training in the Space Station modules on the day that I went so I wasn’t able to “get inside“ the Space Station, but I did get a look at NASA’s Orion spacecraft. Seen in the 5th image above is the Orion spacecraft - the only spacecraft able to take Humans to the Moon or Mars (SpaceX is currently building one as well, but only Orion has had a test flight into space).

It was very cool to see the Orion Capsule that astronauts train in because I am working on audio controls in the core flight software of the Orion spacecraft. Some of the software that I write will actually be used in space! I was also able to get into the Space Shuttle trainer, seen in the top 3 images (2 are on the top deck and one is in the cargo bay). The second to last image is outside of the Commercial Crew moch-ups and shows SpaceX, Orbital ATK, and Boeing developments.

p.s. thanks to all my followers for the support, I’ll make sure to keep you up to date about NASA stuff as well as space pics and info!

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Hi~ >w< Can I request Sebastian hearing his lover heartbeat? Still in need of fluff :3 Really loving you job here, darling. See ya~

//Again, sorry for the wait and not getting this out when you needed it! I hope you enjoy, dear :)//

As always, Sebastian was thoroughly appreciating the alone time with his s/o. With his demanding job, and his partner’s need for sleep, the two rarely got to be with each other at all, so Sebastian had to cherish every moment they had together–even if his s/o was asleep.

The two had started lying side-by-side, but somehow, Sebastian’s s/o had subconsciously wriggled their way underneath him, and his head was now lying on their chest. It was funny how they sought for affection even in their sleep. Humans really were interesting creatures.

From his new position, Sebastian could hear the methodic beating of his partner’s heart. Interesting. He’d heard that the sound of a beating heart could be soothing, but he’d always thought that that was something limited to humans. There’s no way he himself could find a monotonous beating to be comforting–if anything, it would surely get tedious.

Yet, here he was, his head lain against his partners chest, his ear gently resting above his s/o’s heart–and ‘annoying’ was the last word he would use to describe the soft thumping. It truly was, against all odds, soothing to him. Closing his eyes and breathing deeply, Sebastian took in his surroundings–the way his partner smelled, the tempo of his partner’s heartbeat, how soft their skin was underneath him. He engraved the moment into his mind, never wanting to forget it–a rare occurrence. There were few things that Sebastian wanted to remember forever, as most things seemed unworthy and insignificant. The fact that he wanted to remember something as common as a heartbeat–that must be a sign, right?

Oh, look at him now. Now he was believing in signs from fate or God or some other larger-than-life presence.

Love must truly be driving him mad.

Reminiscing about this MJ Watson re-creation photo I did a while back and wondering what my next one should be… Hmmm, any suggestions? 💕
Photo by: @charleslbarnesstl (editing by me)
Original art: @jscottcampbellart
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Hi~ >w< So, how about Agni, Undertaker, Sebastian and Willian conforting their lover that had had a nightmare and woke up screaming? Just need some fluff right now.

//Sorry this took so long, love! Here you go, I hope you enjoy//

Agni was a mixture of shocked, alarmed, concerned, and confused whenever he was woken up by his partner’s screaming. He turned his attention to his s/o beside him once he’d scanned the room for any physical dangers.

He softly called out his partner’s name before placing his hand on their back, so as to not startle them. His partner’s head, previously lain in their hands, turned toward him, their eyes wide and clearly holding back tears. Too worked up to speak, they simply scooted over so they were flush against Agni’s side. His arms instinctively wrapped around them, adjusting their body so their head was against his chest.


While he couldn’t see them, he felt them nod against him, and moved one of his hands up to rest on the back of their head. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Again, he couldn’t see them, but could feel them shake their head. Not knowing much else to do, he offered to make them tea or milk, but they declined, so he simply sat there. He held them until he felt their breathing even out and their weight begin to slump against him. He slowly leaned backward until his head hit the pillow, and shifted his partner so they were lying against his side. Pulling the blankets around them, Agni relaxed into the mattress. He kissed his partner’s forehead, making sure they were at peace before closing his eyes and whispering a quiet, “Sweet dreams.”


It was shocking that Undertaker had been woken up by his partner’s noise at all, let alone at this hour of the night, as he was a relatively heavy sleeper. Immediately understanding of what was going on, he wrapped his arms around them from behind–while his heart was in the right place, that wasn’t exactly the best course of action if the person you’re touching has just had a nightmare–and doesn’t know you’re awake.

They jumped and let out a small yelp before relaxing into his arms, their back touching his chest.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” they said–or at least that’s what Undertaker thought they said. It was hard to make out what they were saying through all of their pants and quiet sobs.

Leaning his head against his partner’s shoulder, Undertaker asked, “Are you alright?”


Although it was unneeded and unprovoked, a joke made it’s way out of Undertaker’s mouth. It was cheesy and unrelated to the situation, but it made his partner laugh a bit, despite their mood, so it was worth it.

Appreciating his efforts, his partner strained their neck to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.”


Sebastian wasn’t even asleep in the first place. He’d been staying awake to watch over his partner, as they’d been having nightmares every night for the past week–and this was no exception. He was ready to wake them at the first signs of discomfort, so he’d been studying their facial features closely. Needless to say, it was quite startling when they’d bolted upright, thrashing and screaming, seemingly out of nowhere.

Leaping into action, Sebastian grabbed his partner’s hand and called their name, grabbing their attention. Their eyes were wide as they snapped their head toward Sebastian, and nearly as soon as they caught sight of him, they threw their body into his. He wrapped his arms around them, bringing them to his chest, all the while assuring them that it was just a dream.

“You have absolutely nothing to be scared of. I’m right here.”

“I know,” they replied, but their voice was quiet and weak. Their hand moved to grip his shirt lightly, and they relaxed into his arms, resting their head against his chest.

He kissed the top of their head before lying them back down and pulling the blanket back around them. “I love you. I’m right here.”

“I know.”


William had been at his desk finishing paperwork when the screaming began. Jumping from his desk and bolting down the hall, he was expecting the worst. However, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary when he entered his and his partner’s bedroom–save for his partner, that is, who was sitting upright and panting.

They glanced up at him in the doorway, still too shocked to move or speak. Relieved that his partner was at least physically okay, William let out a small breath that he had been holding in, and made his way to the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed next to his partner, wrapping an arm around them and bringing them to his side in an attempt to silently comfort them–he’d never been the best with words.

“What happened?”

“Bad dream,” they responded meekly.

“You can tell me about it if you want.”


Not knowing how to comfort his partner, or what to do next, William simply pulled his partner up to their pillow, and lied down beside them.

The paperwork could wait.

Community Service [4/?]

I figured we’re all in need of a little smut after The Dust Storm trailer SEX SCENE AHOY! So, have some priest!Killian dirty-talking in the confessional. 

Always, always, always tag optomisticgirl in priest!Killian smut. ;) Enjoy, my lovely brain twin. 

AO3/FF And if you need to catch up: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3

Coming into his office early that morning he was greeted with a sheet of paper with a bright yellow sticky note in Lucy’s careful and elegant handwriting “All taken care of.”

Lucy had handled everything - that woman is truly a Godsend - but his peace is short-lived.

As he peels up the note he notices that it’s Emma’s volunteering schedule, and she’s opted to help out at the dinners for the homeless and the AA meetings.

The latter is both interesting and problematic - since he has been planning to not only run the meetings, but participate in them. They’ve been a source of comfort to him ever since the day Father Brannan dragged his rum-soaked self to a meeting.

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My very own Spidey suit 😉 ❤️ Photo by @timothysouter more to come! #maryjane #mjwatson #Spiderman #spidermancosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaying #redhair #redhead #marvel #spidey #spideyheart #iheartspidey #peterparker #maryjanewatson #sexy #redlips #bed #bodysuit #photoshoot #cosplayshoot #photography #model #modelling #marvel #marvelcomics #maryjaneparker #bed #jscottcampbell #coffeemug #longhair

mein herz ist ein blaues haus in polen
und trägt den namen einer dame, die ich
nicht kennen lernen konnte

der bauch meiner mutter ist immer noch
ort eines wunders
nicht für die meisten, nicht für dich
weil du mich berühren kannst weißt du
es nicht

erst als wir uns kennen lernten
war meine haut rar, erst mit
holzspänen in den ballen wusstest du
wo entfernung lag

dein gesicht mit dampf unterlegt
schlägt meine fragen in die flucht
mein herz ist rau wie schleifpapier
ein blaues stück holz, ohne ort
ohne ziel, wie der bauch meiner
mutter, wäre ich außer dir

mein herz kleidet sich in kühlen farben
in polen ohne eingangstür


Zaha Hadid Architects Seeks to Set Record Straight About Tokyo Stadium Ouster                                                            

In the statement, the firm asserts that its design proposal had nothing to do with the staggering price tag, and that it was ready to create “a lower cost design at any time.” Instead, ZHA blames the stadium’s client, the Japan Sports Council (JSC), for appointing contractors too early and without cost estimates, limiting the possibility for competitive bidding. The firm says they pointed this out to JSC, but “our warning was not heeded.”

I am not Zaha’s biggest fan but what they say rings true. As clients try to move away from the traditional Design-Bid-Build model many have adopted a delivery method where the General Contractor or Construction Manager is brought in at the start of the design and they end up directing the design phases with no accountability (after all. they already won the project).

The problem with this system (and something I have seen over and over again) is that most GCs/CMs make uninformed assumptions of what the building design will be without confirming these assumptions with the Owner and Architect resulting in a game where the project estimate is over budget after each design phase and the design has to be revised to accommodate and resolve this problem. In my opinion that should be acceptable once, early on, as the parameters of the project are established and clearly represented in the estimate, but it tends to happen in every phase with the Owner getting diminished results on what they can build or the quality of their building. Eliminating the competition results in the GCs/CMs taking advantage of the situation and directing the design without accountability and with no improved results to the Owner.

You can read the full article here.

Community Service [3/?]

Emma’s flirty phone manner leads to a flustered Father Jones taking things into his own hands.

Also on AO3/FF           Need to catch up? Here’s Ch 1, Ch 2 

Always tag optomisticgirl​ in Priest!Killian smut. Always. 

50 hours in the next six months. He’ll have to see her for 50 hours in the next six months.

Killian runs his hand through his hair roughly - not paying attention to the fact that it makes him look just as addled as he feels.

She’ll have to be supervised, of course, and his mind reels with any possible way that she can work with anyone else at the church.

Not likely - in the past few days he’s come to realize that it’s essentially just him and Lucy here. There were a few regulars at the parish who volunteered as ushers and making coffee, but himself and Lucy were the only actual employees.

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