Hey guys! So I thought it would be fun to start something called secret admirer, which is basically like a secret santa. However, since it’s not close to December, I wanted to do this, as I think everyone still deserves some love. ♥

What is this?

  • I’ll be messaging everyone that reblogs this the url of one person at the end of May/beginning of June. After you receive this url, you will send them anonymous messages throughout June.
  • The messages have to be positive! Talk about your day, tell them a story, compliment them, anything you want! Just keep them positive :)
  • Someone else will receive your url as well, and will also send you anonymous messages throughout June.


  • Reblog this post (likes will only count as bookmarks)
  • Only enter this if you are willing to commit to this! If you have not received an anonymous message from your secret admirer by June 6th, send me a message.
  • Send at least one anonymous message to the person you were assigned at least once every 3 days.
  • You can reveal who you are either at the end of the month or not reveal your identity at all! It’s your choice.
  • Deadline to reblog is May 31st.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and have fun :)

I went to South Korea a few days ago (hence my slight inactivity here), and while there, decided to visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), particularly the Joint Security Area or the border to North Korea.

The ride towards Panmunjom was pretty uneventful until we arrived at the archway entering Paju village. A Republic of Korea soldier asked to see our passports, we were given IDs to show we were with the United Nations, and pictures were no longer allowed until they say so. However, the danger of entering what was technically North Korea didn’t occur to me until I read the waiver we were supposed to sign:

This pretty much hit the idea of “WHAT DID YOU GET YOURSELF INTO - YOU CAN SERIOUSLY DIE HERE!!” home, but instead of thinking of that fear, I got thinking of Hyun Joong.

I asked Private Chun, our military escort, if a lot of idols and celebrities choose to serve their mandatory military service at the DMZ, and he replied with “Nah, we don’t get many. They always want the easy jobs.” Our guide also added, “They want to maintain their perfect complexions, their weight…DMZ is not a good fit for them.”

I’ve always admired Leader, but the amount of pride I have for him after hearing that multiplied by a thousand. Not only did he serve 21 months in the border (where North Korea’s unpredictability could have injured, or worse, killed him at a moment’s notice) but he did a damn good job at it, too. And to think he managed it amidst the heat of the whole Choi issue and feeling the judgement of so many people as well.

He mentioned before that we may be a bit hesitant to declare ourselves his fans now, but on the contrary, I’m prouder than ever to label myself as one. After all, Kim Hyun Joong is truly worth admiring. What others wanted to avoid at all costs, he went into head-on and with his best foot forward.

Fighting, Leader! Probably a few months too late to say this now, but ThanKyu for your brave service. I, together with the entirety of Triple S and Henecia, am proud of you!

^ my Triple S/Henecia friend @cupofnoodlesoup asked me to fansign her