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So it’s the summer of 1871, and Rimbaud meets Verlaine and he’s like, “Yo. I know about poetry.” And Verlaine’s like, “Yo. i know more about poetry.” And Rimbaud’s like, “That’s impossible. You wanna have an affair?” And Verlaine’s like, “…Yeah, that’s cool.”

The time my mum nearly got my Tc fired.

It was my 16th birthday, and for a change I decided to make an effort before going to school. I got up an hour earlier and curled my hair and spent time doing my makeup, (normally my hair was thrown into a ponytail and I didn’t wear makeup to school) for a change I felt good about myself and had a little confidence. I went to school and started my first class at 9, it was always just me and the teacher (let’s call her M) because the school had opened the class for me to be able to sit the subject without clashing with my other subjects I wanted to study that year. The classroom I was in was directly opposite from Js room, which made my day even better! I remember M slipping out for something and J walking into the classroom not noticing me. He asked where M had gone as he needed to speak to her. I replied that her had slipped out for something and should be back any minute. Only once I had spoken did he realise it was me, he turned to me and this huge smile appeared. He walked towards me and gave me a hug, he asked what the special occasion was with a slight laugh. I said it was my 16th and decided I wanted to make an effort. He wished me a Happy Birthday with another hug and a kiss to the top of the head, by this point M had returned and started taking to J. Just before the end of class J came back to my class and was standing beside my desk, M had already left to get to her next class on time. J bent down to my level with a cheeky smile and was looking at me. I gave him a questionable look and before I was able to say anything he said ‘you look beautiful today’ with a wink and then walked out of the room before I had a chance to say anything.
Later that evening I was telling my best friend about the events of the day, as I was telling her everything I was unaware my mum was listening to my conversation. Once I had ended the conversation mum burst into my room and demanded I explain everything to her. Knowing there was no way out of it I explained everything in a way I had hoped she wouldn’t find anything wrong with it. Once I had finished my mum went into a rage calling J all sorts of horrible names and that he shouldn’t be in the job. She said she would be going to the head master and she would be making sure he never worked in a school again. I panicked and didn’t know what to do.
After a few days of crying to my best friend at school and constant nagging to my mum, I managed to persuade her that it was an innocent comment and that he meant nothing of it. Mum agreed to forget about it and not go to the head master.
I have honestly never felt so scared of anything before. The thought of J loosing his job because of me would make me feel sick and constantly want to cry.

From: Lance, To: Keith
Lance is a dork and a sap so he makes a mixtape for his cool bf Keith Art by emuyh-art on tumblr!

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