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So it’s the summer of 1871, and Rimbaud meets Verlaine and he’s like, “Yo. I know about poetry.” And Verlaine’s like, “Yo. i know more about poetry.” And Rimbaud’s like, “That’s impossible. You wanna have an affair?” And Verlaine’s like, “…Yeah, that’s cool.”


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what is the importance of the forget - me - nots? And why does Athos wear her locket?

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Regarding the Forget-Me-Not’s: 

In one of the flashbacks, Anne’s saying how the room she’s in is the perfect room, and how it overlooks all the Forget-Me-Not’s outside that cover the grass like a carpet. Then she says she’s going to press some as a memento of a perfect day. Which I’d say could be one of two things: 1. Athos proposed to her there, or 2. It’s where they made love for the first time. I personally would say it’s the latter (especially given another flashback from season 2). So they’re significant due to the memories they both connect them with. 

Now, to the locket.. The locket has a pressed Forget-Me-Not in it. Meaning, Athos is always carrying around said memory. Mainly to torment himself. It reminds him daily of what he’s done; that he has sentenced his own wife to death and that living without her, without a title, without anything of value, is what he deserves. Athos has renounced his old life and the locket (as well as the sword above his bed that can be seen in Episode 1) is the only thing he still has from the life he’s given up - the only thing he can’t let go. Because even after all those years, after what she has done, after sentencing her to death, he can’t stop loving her. And the locket is the only thing of hers that he still possesses, apart from bittersweet memories.