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Hi Kylee, I'm a college student thinking about medical school. You seem like you have so much on your plate and yet you know how to get it together. I feel like I have to drop some hobbies like art just so I can get to at least the bear minimum to get where I wanna be. How did you manage clubs, jobs, leadership positions, etc. throughout college and even now going through med school? Also I really love your art, you've always been an inspiration to me

Thank you ;___;

I wish I had some good, inspiring advice but….

Jokes aside, details below.

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One of my favorite sims so far, i can’t stop faling in love with her <3


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>Jackbum sexy dances.
Jackson is up out of his seat for jbs dance for maximum viewing .

He is not satisfied so he makes jb do more. Jb does.

Jackson dying /shimkung at jb sexy dance.

Jbs close inspection of js sexy dance .To be noted jb coughs and has to cross his legs at the end of js sexy dance😉

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.

my headcanon of jack aggressively supporting the samwell women’s hockey team is really important to me. consider:

  • jack routinely parenting the smh team into going and cheering the ladies on. they usually sit at the front of the students’ section
  • shitty is really into it and buys the jersey of his fave swh player and is predictably obnoxious in an endearing way
  • don’t worry, she knows him at this point and it’s cool
  • jack arranging practices with the ladies because while his guys are good, they can always learn something about speed and dexterity from the swh team
  • jack taking appropriate opportunities to talk up the swh and how talented they are
  • when asked if he’s trying to lend his celebrity to women’s sports he just replies “equality is always important, but they don’t need me to tell you how good they are. their 29-0 record last season speaks for itself”