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Introduction to the Rogues (2/?)

“No one just starts giggling and wearing black and signs up to become a villainous monster. How the hell do you think it happens? It happens to people. Just people. They make questionable choices, for what might be very good reasons. They make choice after choice, and none of them is slaughtering roomfuls of saints, or murdering hundreds of baby seals, or rubber-room irrational. But it adds up. And then one day they look around and realized that they’re so far over the line that they can’t remember where it was.”  

- Jim Butcher


rare pair favs: l e e  jordan x f r e d  weasley

“…I’m gonna love you ‘till the heavens stop the rain.”


         “We’re the same age, we’re into the same stuff, we have a lot of the same values, the same fashion tastes. We coordinate our outfits. We’re bros. We’re buddies.”

                                                                                         Krysten Ritter


whatever it is you don’t want ‘em to see or hear or know, you can bury it. you can bury it so deep, you won’t find it yourself anymore… but you’ll wish you hadn’t.

endless list of characters who deserved better [ 1/? ]
↳ Jack Benjamin (Kings)

If u had experienced homophobia u would not compare ‘aphobia’ to it js Edit: Ive deleted transphobia from this post bc in the context of me being cis it has been taken as offensive sorry ! My point still stands tho