I think that IF that spoiler about Robert and Rebecca kissing again it’s true, then I would like to see jealous Robert later on, like a new character arriving to the village and taking interest on Aaron. Just for a change, not because I want a cheating storyline but because Aaron is amazing and for two years the only love interest he’s had is Robert.

Just a random idea.

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I laughed when I saw the tweet she recently retweeted about vine, like her "comedy" is so classy and highbrow or something...

I did, too. It makes her and Damien sound pressed over 6 second clips that show more creativity than most of what they’ve done. It’s so arrogant like “Oh no, these kids (many of whom being POC) have a medium by which they can show off their humor, wit, and ingenuity…but did they “study” the greats? Did they write for such and such mediocre TV show? Were they part of some bougie comedy troupe at their Ivy League school? Well, if not, that’s not REAL comedy!” Sorry they can get more laughs in 6 seconds with just a camera, wearing a shit wig than you can regurgitating stories about your used tampons. I mean… Vine is kind of silly, right, Jany? Those amateur kids who haven’t had the benefit of improv training, and being pals with SNL alumni can never hold a candle to the brilliance of YOUR Professional Comedian Vines. 

And the countless other lazy Vines of you annoying your family and making fart noises, pretending it’s comedy. 

Turn up your nose at the Vine kids, but what you do is uninspired, lazy, and flat, but I’m glad you took time out of your day of being “as kind as possible” and “gentle” to throw shade just to show how truly pressed you are.

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– MP

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the other day i discovered this little cheat that lets signed-in users give more than one kudos per fic and i figured some of you might be interested. the trick is to make pseuds. i assume you can give one extra, signed-in, kudos per fic for each pseud you have, but please don't abuse this system. happy reading & kudos-ing! :)

commenting is also gr9, bc its super nice and you can leave as many as u want

I don’t want to watch Louis react to an interviewer telling him that a fan wants to marry him, I want the interviewer to read what fans actually say and be like ‘uhh this person says you are her, uh, her tiny son ? and she hopes that someone will wrap you in a fluffy blanket and cuddle you for all eternity’ I want to see Louis’s reaction to that


If you ship Pewey and you’re on the rise                                                               You can count on the lesbians blocking your ass                                                   Cause you’re really fucking lesbophobic                                                                 Pewey is shit and you should know it                                                                   Cause Pearl is a lesbian                                                                                       It’s coded in the show                                                                                           She banged Rose in space 8,000 years ago                                                     That’s why if you ship Pewey you’re a dumbass                                                     Pearl is really gay                                                                                                   Fuck off                                                                                                                   You are trash                                                                          

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