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Mrs Potts, can I ask do you still like Chris? Like if he realises Jenny is all a mistake and this whole situation is changed for the better, would you like him once more? Or were you never really a fan.

Of course, I am a fan. I was a HUGE fan at one point. I’m not fascinated by him as much these days, but I don’t hate his guts or anything. I hold a little bit of hope for him, so that’s not completely leaving the fandom, and giving up on him. He’s just sort of on the shelf right now. I think he has issues beyond the Jenny thing, but the way he handled this situation made me lose some of my interest in him I guess. Will it come back if they split? I can’t say, to be honest. The longer this drags on, the more it becomes a question mark for me. The more I learn about Jenny, the more she opens her mouth, and presents herself in a crass way about the situation; i.e. saying that this is what she deserves, and shouldn’t be ashamed of it, the more that “same animal” comment comes to my mind, and it makes me wonder about the kind of person Chris is if this is the person he chooses to be with. Are they the same animal? Chris was so private, so it’s not like we ever really knew exactly who he was, but she’s not private. She shows us who she is, and it’s not a very good image. If that statement is true, then we are learning so much more about him through her, and who she shows herself to be, and I don’t like her. Maybe if they really are the same animal, I don’t like him either. So I don’t know if them breaking up will change my feelings. I guess it might depend on how far away that is. Maybe if it’s a long while, I won’t even care by that point. 

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I notice some people make fun of Jenny's appearance on SM. So sorry to see that & that's why we are called haters. Many dislike her for her shady behavior and disrespect but mocking her looks brings us right down to her level. If we want to let people understand why we are side-eyeing this mess, it is important to stick to the facts. Just show them the receipts and her tweets and posts, and let them make their own judgement. Don't be a bully, so she doesn't get to play the victim.

We agree that making fun of her appearance is not right, and especially when she engages in that sort of thing. We don’t need to stoop to her level. It is a cheap shot, and unnecessary, and that’s why we do not allow comments about her looks here. Those will always be deleted. We do not engage in that sort of thing, and we don’t condone people doing that either. She has plenty of other things to be called out for without bringing her looks into it. 

Unfortunately, because we do call her out for things here, some people take what we say, and use it to directly attack her and her looks. Because they do this, our critics lump us in with those people, and get mad at us as if we are the ones going to her Twitter and IG, and making fun of her looks. We get blamed for a lot of things we neither in engage in or condone, simply because people don’t take the time to read what we say, and just let the actions of a few people outside of the blog form their impression of us. 

Taking shots at her looks and getting heated over this shit is not worth it. Make your point, but don’t be vile. On the flip side, I think we would hear more people out, if her supporters weren’t starting off with “You’re a bunch of psychos. Jenny didn’t cheat. Kill yourselves.” There is no need to well…act like Jenny to either attack or defend her. Just saying…

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I don’t want to watch Louis react to an interviewer telling him that a fan wants to marry him, I want the interviewer to read what fans actually say and be like ‘uhh this person says you are her, uh, her tiny son ? and she hopes that someone will wrap you in a fluffy blanket and cuddle you for all eternity’ I want to see Louis’s reaction to that


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Why are there not more movies about asexual spies. How many spy movies have they made where they get seduced by the enemy?? An asexual spy would be a fantastic asset and a great movie. I propose a new film called Agent Ace.


If you ship Pewey and you’re on the rise                                                               You can count on the lesbians blocking your ass                                                   Cause you’re really fucking lesbophobic                                                                 Pewey is shit and you should know it                                                                   Cause Pearl is a lesbian                                                                                       It’s coded in the show                                                                                           She banged Rose in space 8,000 years ago                                                     That’s why if you ship Pewey you’re a dumbass                                                     Pearl is really gay                                                                                                   Fuck off                                                                                                                   You are trash