Trixya is real 2k16
  • <p> <b>Trixie:</b> I won't date a smoker<p/><b>Katya:</b> *is now quitting smoking*<p/><b>Trixie:</b> I have a boyfriend but we can't spend Christmas together<p/><b>Katya:</b> *is touring away from Trixie over Christmas*<p/><b>Trixie:</b> I'm so thankful that we have each other<p/><b>Katya:</b> Ugh. Can I kiss you?<p/></p>
You can’t call yourself ahgase if you don’t love all GOT7.

Honestly, I don’t care what your excuse is. Due to these recent events of fans rejecting GOT7 members I just gotta say, why do you even go? Like, come on, we all know I’m a hardcore Jackson stan. I would literally CRY if I was taken on stage by him but honestly? That would be my reaction to ANY of them taking me on stage. Maybe it will be the member I’m not so in love with, but uh, who cares??? I love them so much, I don’t care who would pick me as long as I get to be close to GOT7. 

Learn to love all your idols, they’re all unique and great in their own way! 

It’s all GOT7 or never.