• shadowhunters cast:*talks about the shadowhunters*
  • CC:I'm so glad they like my books :) that i wrote :) btw did you know those characters came from my brain :) mostly :) pls :) pay :) attention :) to :) me :) I love all my characters, Clary, Jace, ....uh... the.. rest... those gays are good too :) yes i love gays :) did i mention shadowhunters is based off my books :) i love the show :) except for the way it changed all the important mysoginist, homophobic, biphobic, racist ideas i was promoting :( but at least the incest is there :) i love malec :) pls give me your money so i can help str8 girls fetishize the gays :)

Full offense. But, I get really uncomfortable when I see straight fangirls dedicate their entire blogs and twitter accounts to fetishizing gay ships. Like…it makes my skin crawl when people manipulate photos of Matt & Harry to look like they’re kissing or having sex, instead of their actual characters, or when they continually ask the rest of the cast and crew to take pictures with Matt & Harry so they can fantasize about malec. It’s not cute. It’s annoying and embarrassing. People are trying to work and get their shit done, and all you care about is your gay ship. Like chill. Go take a walk. Go be productive. Thanks, bye.


so excited…so proud…SO ADORABLE ♥♥♥


Harry Shum Jr. discusses “Single By 30” and  “Shadowhunters” and what season 2 might bring to the High Warlock of Brooklyn, his thoughts and ideas on Malec and how they are soulmates…