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NBA star gives up his entire career to support pregnant wife is diagnosed with brain tumor

Marriage can really show a person’s most beautiful side. The vows “in sickness and in health” can not be anymore true for NBA star guard, Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans. When his wife Lauren, former U.S women’s soccer star became pregnant earlier this year the family also discovered a devastating brain tumor.

Being pregnant at 8 months meant that the family had to wait until she gave birth before they started tackling the tumor. Upon hearing this Jrue Holiday told the NBA that he needed to immediately leave and take care of his wife.

The professional basketball player valued his wife’s health with the utmost importance. More important than a career he has been pursuing his whole life. Wow. This just shows us what type of man Holiday truly is.

On September 4th, 2016 the New Orleans Pelicans officially announced that Jrue was leaving the team indefinitely to take care of Lauren.

For Jrue, the decision to care for his wife was a no brainer. He says, “My family comes before basketball.” A true gentlemen who puts his family before anything else.

Lauren is scheduled to have surgery six weeks after she gives labor to their baby girl in October. Although the couple may have to induce an early labor they hope for the best results for the mother and child.

At the moment the couple are keeping their privacy and are not disclosing anything about the situation. Right now, the Holiday family just wants to focus on Lauren and baby’s health while keeping everything else out of their concern. 

UPDATE 24st September - Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby girl