6 Things We Need to See Before 'Hannibal' Ends for Good
Here’s our wish list of a half-dozen things we’d like to see before Hannibal claims his final victim.

It’s been more than a week since NBC announced it’s cancelling the beautifully blood-drenched Hannibal, and we’re still in mourning. To be clear, we’re not giving up hope that another network could swoop in to save the day and give us a fourth season. (C'mon, Amazon: Swoop already!) But if this truly is Hannibal’s last supper, there are still a few delicacies left to be served.

Let’s look on the bright side here: There are nine episodes left in Season 3, and that gives Bryan Fuller and company plenty of time to wrap up a few storylines… and dream up a few more immaculately constructed crime scenes. So here’s our wish list of a half-dozen things we’d like to see before Hannibal claims his final victim.

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