I love this. I love that Dexter is based off of American Psycho. I love that at one point, Dexter uses “Patrick Bateman” as one of his aliases. I love that they both are so similar but live different lives because one had a code. Dexter and Harry’s code allowed him to survive while Bateman went insane with his anonymity.


Ok I think it’s time I lay out the story of my boyfriend and me… I met jesse when he moved in next door to me over a decade ago. We didn’t really get close till 10th grade when we became best friends. That’s when I obviously knew I loved this dude, as my best friend. We weren’t those best friends that were always together in high school, I had two other best friends like that, Jesse and I mostly hung out with different crowds except for lunch when we all hung out together, but him and I were still “best friends.” We would hang out sometimes and talk about important things like our relationships and family issues. I think that’s when we knew. We both knew we loved each other. Best friends till the end. Anyway, we graduated high school and Jesse left to join the Marine Corps (September 2011) and I stayed and went to college. We kept in touch. We would go weeks, even months without talking but we still knew. We still knew we loved each other. It wasn’t till early November 2014 when I realized, “I am IN LOVE with this man” then two weeks later he surprised me. He came home to visit me. He showed up at my job in his uniform and roses and I can’t tell you guys how fucking happy I was.. My marine was finally home. We spent everyday together for the whole month he was here.. He admit to me he had been in love with me for years and that’s when we realized that all through high school and even after when he was deployed , people would always tell us that we were gonna end up together and that we were in love but we were always in denial.. He realized all this before me but it didn’t matter because now we both knew. December 14.2014 around 2am he finally asked me to be his girlfriend, of course I said yes. :) my soulmate was finally my boyfriend, and one day he will be my husband and there’s nothing more exciting than this. He had to go back to Japan on Dec.17 and he will be there till Sep.2015 when he’s finally done with the marine corps. I haven’t seen him in a month, and I will not see him for a few more but he’s worth the wait and distance. Like his mother said to him about us, “This time apart is nothing compared to forever.”