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jrrrck asked:


oh god oh god ANYTHING I SAY IN COURT CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST ME actually i do have a crime when i was in middle school i participated in petty theft on a couple occasions 

velificantes said: So I should watch it, y/n?

jrrrck said: so is this a recommendation or…


okay so this show is ridiculous as fuck alright? the writing is bad, and the acting is even worse lmao but like, once you start watching it there’s no turning back!!! it pulls you in bc it’s so comedic and ridiculous and lmao just crazy. each episode they like introduce a different story line that isn’t related to the previous one and we’re just like ?????? and some of the stuff they do have gr8 shock value and not in the overdone sort of way??? i would recommend it because it’s such a crazy show. it’s not good. don’t go in thinking it’s gonna be great. but it’s mindless and fun and just…so dumb. it’s the perfect show to waste your time with. 

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  2. theodorekord
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A good list, a good list.

Cole has many talents, self-praise isn’t one, so I’m taking over.

Cole is:

  • funny as fuck
  • beautiful
  • has some magical powers over animals. is always pretending to dogsit for ppl when in fact is plotting with the dogs to take over the world. when we’re not looking this bitch is like knee deep in squirrels and being carried by penguins.
  • so smart i actually stress over misspelling shit Cole will see
  • dangerous. you cross Cole and Cole will knit a cocoon like the ones in Alien, where you’ll be stored for later egg laying. Cole claims to always be buying yarn to hide the fact that yarn is a natural bi-product of Cole’s metabolism - idk if Cole spews it from the butt or the mouth, though because Cole
  • is mysterious
  • a life ruiner. you think life is cool and maybe you’ll make it, then Cole shows up with all these new fandoms that will feast on your marrow and bathe with your tears.
  • more stuff, but if i were to sing all the praises Cole deserves i’d be here ‘till forever.

jrrrck asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers

  • im pretty funny 2 my friends i think i make them laugh on the regular
  • my teacher said i was pretty articulated like i could make cool conections nobody else could which i thought was a good compliment tho it boils down to “smart” i guess 
  • im fairly good in sharing i think sp. food i like buying ppl food
  • good taste in friends (u, shadiya, esthella, jennaface, june, marcus)
  • when im well dressed and my face isnt weird i look cute! like nice looking gal not bad on the eyes

man idk u can do if u read this and u want to do it and u havent been tagged it yet

cole-has-moved asked:

16, 21, 24 ~

16. Top three heroines/heroes

I could write a whole essay about how I want to be Ellen Ripley. She took no shit and she fucked Charles Dance into silence. Living the dream, tbh.

Why can’t I be Han Solo? Idgi. I’ve tried so hard…

Yzma. I am legit when I tell you she is a constant source of inspiration - from beauty care, to boy toys, to that bitching “secret” lab.

21. Top three favorite comics/manga

SAGA (you bitch)

Astérix (we quote it all the time in my family)

Cable & Deadpool

24. Fictional place you’d like to visit

Valinor, just so I could shade it. I’d be all, “Oh. Is this it? This is shit. No wonder Fëanor left. So you’re Manwë? I thought you’d be taller. Who am I to be talking shit? I’ll tell you who I am: someone who didn’t marry her own sister, that’s who I am.”