• Tolkien: By the end of the Third Age, Sauron's physical power is so diminished that his presence is confined to the tower of Barad-Dur. However, he is still immensely powerful in his ability to watch and predict the movements of his enemies, and his understanding extends so far that he could metaphorically be referred to as a Great Eye, constantly watching and planning his next move. And because his gaze is so piercing, it is sometimes likened to fire.
  • Peter Jackson: Okay but...hear me out...what if Sauron was literally....a Great Eye.
  • Tolkien: What.
  • Peter Jackson: What if he was literally a giant eyeball on the top of Barad-Dur.
  • Tolkien: That's not quite what I inten-

Let me guide you

Resources for Tolkien fans

Here are some useful resources I’ve found while I’ve been in the community, so I thought I’d share! PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN IF YOU HAVE ANY! And please reblog and share!


askmiddlearth – A great blog where you can send in questions and receive answers regarding just about any aspect of the Legendarium. 

coco.raceme – A collection of quotes, songs, and important passages from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, arranged by book and chapter.

Fish in Middle Earth – Did you ever want to know what kinds of fish there were in Middle Earth? No? You’ll probably end up reading this anyways. The curiosity will get to you.

henneth-annun – The HASA story archive has mostly moved to AO3 now, but this website still contains hundreds of timelines, character bios, quotes, object descriptions, and more.

silmarillionwritersguild – Essays, meta, biographies, and more – all about the plot and characters of the Silmarillion.


almare – Tumblr user almare has a great collection of Tolkien language resources, including a handy graphic of the relations between Elvish languages.

councilofelrond – A good resource for translations of canon texts, glossaries, conlang discussions, a dictionary, etc. Of particular interest is their Sindarin mutation chart, which is necessary pretty much whenever you’re stringing more than two Sindarin words together.

dwarrowscholar – Contains everything from lessons to a truly massive Khuzdul dictionary. If you have a basic understanding of Neo-Khuzdul, you can also make use of the translation tool.

Hiswelókë’s – A delightfully thorough dictionary available in a variety of arrangements ( English-Sindarin, Sindarin-English, thematic, etc. ). Available in English, French, and German.

midgardsmal – The blog of David Salo, one of the people who worked on the languages in Peter Jackson’s Tolkien films.

realelvish – A handy phrasebook that provides categories for easy searches, dialects, pronunciation, and multiple translations of the same phrase. Includes fun categories, such as ‘in the bedroom’ and ‘on the internet’, as well as many others that are more in keeping with Tolkien’s tone. 

sindarinlessons – A collection of rules, references, and explanations of Sindarin grammar.

your-sindarin-textbook – On this site, a duck teaches you Sindarin. What more could you want? Includes exercises and references.


All the books in PDF – These two posts both contain links to Tolkien’s works and where you can find them online.

HoME reading order – tumblr user lintamande has put together a list of Tolkien’s texts beyond the Silmarillion, in case you were wanting to dip your toes into HoME but didn’t know where to begin. They also have a general Silm resource page that’s worth looking at, as well as all their meta. 

On Fairy Stories – One of Tolkien’s most-referenced essays.

Tolkien’s letters – A collection of many of Tolkien’s transcribed letters, useful for all those really obscure facts you need to check and to impress your friends.


A shameless plug – I do my best to collect useful references, notes, and masterposts on writing, Tolkien, and more in my ‘references’ tag.

howtofightwrite – This blog contains discussions on weapons and how they’re used, as well as some particularly useful weapon primers that will give you the basics on the weapons your character uses. 

Medieval references – A collection of a few useful references for medieval-type jobs, terms, and more. 

Mood music – Themed music playlists for just about anything you could ever want to write.

Traveling – The methods of traveling in the Middle Ages, and the time it would require.

Nazgul Giving Sauron Their Report After Getting Drowned in The River Bruinen.
  • Nazgul: So, we made a couple of small mistakes.
  • Sauron: You stabbed pillows thinking they were hobbits.
  • Nazgul: Okay then Lord Perfect, medium sized mistakes.
When George handed Tolkien the tape recorder, his skepticism towards it as a machine was deeply rooted in his personality. Because the machine could record and play back a human voice, Tolkien joked around that the tape recorder was possessed. That was why he began a recording session with exorcizing any demons living inside the machine. He did this by recording himself reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

But Tolkien didn’t recite the Lord’s Prayer in English. Neither did he recite it in Latin, which would have been expected considering that he was a devout Catholic. No, Tolkien being Tolkien, he recited the Lord’s Prayer in Gothic.