The Freddie Gray trial AKA People desperately scrambling to come up with a way a guy in police custody managed to sever 80% of his spine by himself (with no motive whatsoever) AND explain the cops sudden, random amnesia and absolute refusal to explain what the hell happened in that van.

Give it up, guys. If I want to hear fantasy fiction I’ll listen to my LOTR audiobook. 

My dad, who is a college professor, is teaching a Lord of the Rings/JRR Tolkien class this semester.

He used to be so excited for this class. But he’s a bit disheartened about this year. His last class only signed up as a last resort and completely half-assed the assignments.

I’m tempted to make his syllabus available here on my tumblr, just so some fans and people who truly care about LotR and learning something from it could potentially follow along with readings and assignments. I may be sitting in on some classes because I’m a teachers kid, so I can.

I’d change some things to protect his identity and the identity of the college (I don’t want to get him in trouble) but I think it might give him a pick me up to know that younger generations still care about Tolkien.

I’m only sorry that I can’t invite any of you to the LotR-marathon he sponsors towards the end of the class, complete with extended editions and pizza.

I don’t know. It’s a thought. I’ll be following along regardless.


Let me guide you

Elvish Names for the Signs

*please note that these are roughly translated names*

ARIES: Berthadhiell ”daughter of the daring one” // Locien “dragon

TAURUS: Lostithenniel “little flower” // Lairelandon “broad meadow

GEMINI: Laindessiel “free woman” // Draugminaion “wolf of distinction

CANCER: Ithilethiel moon maiden” // Aearion “son of the sea

LEO: Malthenniel “golden” // Bellrauthien “strong as a lion

VIRGO: Filidhrentithiel “little wise bird” // Veryangóle “bold learning” 

LIBRA: Meldacaniel “asking for love” // Laermeluion “man with a sweet song

SCORPIO: Valanthiriel “beautiful waterfall” // Aemornion “black bird

SAGITTARIUS: Fáreryniel “plentiful woods” // Taurvantian “forest walker

CAPRICORN: Lairiel “from the meadow” // Arphenion “nobleman

AQUARIUS: Tharwaithiel “beyond people” // Meleindómien “strong-willed

PISCES: Vanglirtána “poem-shown beauty” // Aerdirnaithon “sea formation

When George handed Tolkien the tape recorder, his skepticism towards it as a machine was deeply rooted in his personality. Because the machine could record and play back a human voice, Tolkien joked around that the tape recorder was possessed. That was why he began a recording session with exorcizing any demons living inside the machine. He did this by recording himself reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

But Tolkien didn’t recite the Lord’s Prayer in English. Neither did he recite it in Latin, which would have been expected considering that he was a devout Catholic. No, Tolkien being Tolkien, he recited the Lord’s Prayer in Gothic.