Boo! { Sunny & J Royal }

A gust of wind send shivers down the petite girl’s spine and her short blonde hair into a frenzy, much to her displeasure. A soft sigh escaped her plump lips as she ran a hand through her disheveled fringe and hugged her coat closer to her body. Spring was supposed to have sprung, however it still felt like winter despite the fact the cold season had ended a month prior. The reason behind her venture into the late chilly night was the fact that she had to start and strengthen her weaknesses, no matter how annoying and difficult it was.

Since Sunny had been “blessed” with Light Embodiment, it was pretty obvious that her major weakness was darkness. Usually her anxiety levels would increase drastically and she would have a panic attack, however so far the female was proud of how well she was doing. Even if she had to stay under a street lamp for a few minutes and collect herself, the mutant was controlling her fears and journeying into the outside world at a late hour without having a meltdown.

She was in a very remote area and there wasn’t much activity going on, her mind created multiple monsters and nightmares however she focused on happier things. turning into an alleyway, Sunny clutched her Hello Kitty umbrella tighter and slowly wandered deeper. It was supposed to be raining, so she had equipped herself with her trusty umbrella, it was also there for moral support. Her breathing became slightly uneven as she rounded a corner and pictured a ghost there, however a voice inside her hair told her to stop being so childish.

When she looked up and saw that a man was in fact there, her heart nearly leaped out of her chest and a loud gasp escaped her mouth. Her eyes widened considerably and a shriek tore through her throat. Without even thinking, Sunny swung her Hello Kitty umbrella at the stranger and then let go of it, cupping her face in horror and slight embarrassment. The shock made her feel numb and the petite girl could only peer up at the male in terror.