Ya, so this is what happens when boredom strikes.

See that guy right there.. well most people already know that he’s my best friend Rowen de Vera and do you also see the girl with him.. that’s his beautiful girl, Holly Timbancaya. Some people had doubted their relationship but as I see it, they’re getting stronger and stronger for all we know. They’ve been together for 11 months and next month will surely be a special time for them. I’m happy to see my best friend smile again and I give Holly props for holding on to him no matter how far distance they are. Gotta admit, I have accepted them and I do hope for them to take their step when they are ready for a commitment. Bless this cute couple, love you guys.

Meet my best friend, my sis Malinda Belik @emmyjayjay . She maybe just a friend to me but I see this girl as my real sister. She takes care of me as I do the same for her. I’ve known her ever since our intermediate days, the girl that I used to hide things from such as her food that she brings to our English class. And I can never forget the day when she was the only one who stood up for me other than my friends. During our high school year, we somehow drifted and end up hating each other for reasons but as we both grew up and became mature we both put the past behind and regained our friendship back. Til now.. our friendship is as strong as a rock that it surpassed all the negativity. We both know that trials will come its way but we’re ready for it and I know we can make it through, our friendship is worth more than anyone can think of. Not to mention I practically live with her, been sleeping at her crib almost everyday along with my other best friend, bro Tommy Heon. We would tweak on Call of Duty Black Ops til midnight talking to random strangers on live. And I love waking up in the morning knowing that she will prepare breakfast meals for us, she’s a great cook. This September she will be living Hawaii to head back to Philippines for her college and I’m hoping I will visit her on January with her Mother. I love this girl so much!