DIR EN GREY’s Kyo Opens a Website

DIR EN GREY vocalist Kyo launched a new website on April 5th.

It is currently uncertain what kind of activities the singer will share through this website, though he has announced the release of photo albums titled “Shikkaku” and “for the human race”. Further details have yet to be announced.

The website can be found here. Kyo has also recently opened a Twitter account, which can be found here.

Source: jame-world.com


Info and dates of 『the GazettE WORLD TOUR13』 so far…

・Sep. 6th. 2013 Mexico City, Mexico / Jose Cuervo Salon, 

・Sep. 8th 2013 Santiago, Chile / Teatro Caupolican,

・Sep. 11th 2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina / Teatro Vorterix

・Sep. 14th 2013 Sao Paulo, Brazil / A Seringueira,

・Sep. 20th 2013 Paris, France / Le Trianon,

・Sep. 22nd 2013 Toulouse, France / Le Phare,

・Sep. 25th 2013 Dortmund, Germany / FZW,

・Sep. 27th 2013 Munich, Germany / Muffathalle,

・Se 29th 2013 Helsinki, Finland / The Circus,

alice nine Announces New Single “Shooting Star”

In March Visual Kei band alice nine released their single “Daybreak” that will be followed by “SHADOWPLAY” on April 17th. The last single that is part of their three months consecutive release campaign is titled “Shooting Star” and is scheduled to drop on May 29th.

Right now there aren’t a lot of details available. They’ve only revealed that the single comes in three types: Limited Edition Type A and B will cost 1890 Yen each and include a DVD. The Regular Edition costs 1260 Yen and is CD-only.

Source: jpopasia.com


MAXIMUM THE HORMONE Announces 5th Full Album Release “Yoshu Fukushu”

The first album in six years by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE has been announced! The fifth full album release is titled, “Yoshu Fukushu”. This album includes fifteen songs for a cost of 2,889yen to be released on July 31st, 2013.


1.Yoshu Fukushu [Our Merciless Home'war'k]
2. Bluetiful Intro:Tsukino Bakugeki-ki
3. Utsukushikihitobitonouta [Ode to Bluetiful People]
4. Benjo Sandal Dance [Toilet Sandal Dance]
5. Chu2 The Beam [8th Grader Beam]
6. “F”
7. Tsume Tsume Tsume
8. Rock Oreimairi~3 Chords de Omae Fullbocco~ [Rocking Retaliation: Beat the Hell out of You with 3 Chords]
9. Unbelievable!: Swomints Hockeleiro Mifeho
10. A-L-I-E-N
11. my girl
12. Mesubuta no Ketsu ni Binta(Kick mo) [Bitch Ass Slapping: and Kicking]
13. Beauty Killosseum
14. maximum the hormone
15. Koino Sperm [Amorous Sperm]

On the bands official website in English there is mention of a Special Edition with a book that includes 5 mangas and track-by-track rundown:

1. A frantic 156-page book with “Our Merciless Home'war'k” descriptions.
2 A dialogue style track-by-track rundown for all 15 songs by Maximum The Ryo-kun.
3. kun’s inner world is exposed by professional manga artists.

the scriptwriter: Maximum The Ryo-kun
the executive producer: Maximum The Ryo-kun

There is no listed price on this Special Edition as of yet.

CM can be viewed here.

Source: jpopasia.com


YOSHIKI to Stream First-Ever Solo US Performance via USTREAM

Music legend and multi-instrumentalist YOSHIKI will stream his first-ever solo US performance live via USTREAM.

The performance, titled An Evening with YOSHIKI, will take place on August 26th at The Grammy Museum, and sold out within a few days of going on sale. YOSHIKI will perform songs from his highly-anticipated classical album YOSHIKI CLASSICAL, as well as songs by his world-renowned band X JAPAN. He will also be taking this opportunity to interact with his fans in real-time during the event, including live song requests on his official Facebook and Twitter pages.

The performance will take place on August 26th at 8pm PST and can be viewed live through USTREAM here.

Viewing times are as follows:

August 26th - 20:00 (Los Angeles) 
August 26th - 23:00 (New York) 
August 27th - 00:00 (Sao Paulo)
August 27th - 04:00 (London) 
August 27th - 05:00 (Paris) 
August 27th - 07:00 (Moscow)
August 27th - 12:00 (Tokyo) Source: jame-world.com

Golden Bomber tops Oricon weekly album chart for the first time

Visual-kei “air” band, Golden Bomber’s album “The Past Masters vol.1” (released on April 24th) sold 114,000 copies in the first week, and topped Oricon weekly album ranking. This marked their first-ever chart topping album since their debut back in May 2008. It seems like Golden Bomber continues to advance as they also topped weekly single ranking with “Dance My Generation” (released on January 1st 2013) for the first time.

With this album, Golden Bomber became the second artist from an indie label to top both weekly single and album rankings, since it has only previously been achieved by MONGOL800 (with album “MESSAGE” in September 2001, and single “Yorokobi no Uta” in December 2003).

The vocalist Kiryuin Sho left a comment saying, “Thank you everyone who purchased the CD. Continuing after our single in January, our album also topped in the first week…we are trembling at how powerful our agency is! We will continue doing our best. Ah, this time we topped without having a handshake event…(weeping for joy).”

Source: tokyohive.com


ALSDEAD to Visit America for the 4th Time

During the past weeks ALSDEAD’s vocalist Maki teased the band’s fans with a couple of tweets about visiting America soon. Now it’s official! ALSDEAD will perform at Oni-Con this October!

If you’re going to attend Oni-Con on October 25th, 26th or 27th you’ll get the chance to see the band live or even get an autograph from the members. The convention will take place in Galveston, Texas, and it will be the 4th time the band will visit America.

And for fans living in California we have more great news! ALSDEAD will hold a live at Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood! They will perform together with SABERTIGER and EARTHBOUND PAPAS on October 30th. Check out the venue’s website for more information on that event!

Source: jpopasia.com


girugamesh New Video Release of New Single “INCOMPLETE”

Japanese rock band girugamesh will break their silence on September 11th, releasing “INCOMPLETE” which we previously reported and will be their first single in 1 year. The music video has just been released on Facebook with English subtitles, and the regular version will also be available on Danger Crue Records’ YouTube channel.

The English subtitles on the “INCOMPLETE” video will allow it to be noticed by a multinational audience. girugamesh are using the occasion of their 10th anniversary to look globally, and this is the first step.

On July 22, the band performed “Free preview of girugamesh ‘absolute 0 decision’” at SHIBUYA WWW; a lot of overseas fans checked out the show live on Nico Nico Douga, adding comments in their own languages. The band’s music was literally flying all over the world.

Currently, you can buy tickets to the band’s first solo live show of the year at SHIBUYA-AX on October 13. Due to huge demand all of the regular tickets are sold out, but premium tickets are still available. Pre-orders close in 3 days, so don’t forget to check it out!

girugamesh ONEMAN LIVE “G#”
10/13/2013 (SUN) SHIBUYA-AX
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
【Ticket Price】1FStanding ・2F Seated
Preorder¥4,200 Same-day¥4,700(tax included, does not include drink)※children preschool age and younger will not be allowed entry
【Ticket regular orders】9/14/2013 (SAT)

NEW Single “INCOMPLETE” out 9/11/2013 (WEDNESDAY)

【First Edition】CD 1 Track + Bonus Tracks ¥500 (tax in)
2. 6th ALBUM『MONSTER』 trailer -demo ver.-

【Regular Edition】CD 4 tracks ¥1,575 (tax in)
2. Limit Break
3. takt

Watch PV on YT here and with English subs here.

Source: jpopasia.com


MIYAVI’s New Album and World Tour Plans

Popular solo artist MIYAVI has announced via his official Twitter and Facebook accounts plans for a new album and world tour.

The album will be released on June 19th and will be titled MIYAVI. Further details are yet to be announced, but it is known that album will be released worldwide.

MIYAVI has also revealed plans to hold a world tour. This will be the artist’s fourth world tour, though no dates have been confirmed so far. More information will be made available soon.

Source: jame-world.com


For his new album, MIYAVI has adopted the EDM sound to his slap guitar technique. It will be produced by Dean Gillard. He is currently recording in London. Universal Music’s chief executive Max Hall commented, “I am very happy to welcome MIYAVI to the EMI / Universal team. I also have great hopes for his new album that’s currently under production with Global A&R team. As EMI / Universal, we intend to promote MIYAVI and his music to our fullest to the world.

Tour dates in Japan:


Monday, September 16th – Osaka BIG CAT (Osaka)
Monday, September 23rd – Sapporo PENNY LANE24 (Hokkaido)
Sunday, September 29th – Sendai Rensa (Miyagi)
Sunday, October 6th – Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS (Fukuoka)
Saturday, October 12th – Nagoya BOTTOM LINE (Aichi)
Monday, October 14th – SHIBUYA-AX (Tokyo)

ONE OK ROCK to hold an acoustic tour in October

ONE OK ROCK will be holding an acoustic tour titled ’Tohoku Live House Daisakusen ACOUSTIC TOUR’ in October.

This tour will be established by the Tohoku Earthquake disaster-stricken area restoration project, ‘Tohoku Live House Daisakusen’. The band will hold 3 concerts in the Tohoku region; October 4 and 5th in Iwate, and the 7th in Miyagi. 

After the acoustic tour, ONE OK ROCK will embark on their overseas tour. They will travel to various countries in Europe and Asia. 

<Tohoku Live House Daisakusen ACOUSTIC TOUR>

Friday, October 4th - KLUB COUNTER ACTION MIYAKO (Iwate)
Saturday, October 5th - LIVEHOUSE FREAKS (Iwate)
Monday, October 7th - BLUE RESISTANCE (Miyagi)

Source: tokyohive.com


In case you missed -

One Ok Rock to Go on European Tour

Awesome news for European Jrock fans! One of Japan’s most famous Rock bands, One Ok Rock, will visit Europe this October!

Unfortunately the tour will be a very short one and they will perform in only 3 countries:

October 24th: Cologne, Germany @Werkstatt
October 26th: London, UK @Garage
October 27th: Paris, France @Le Bataclan

If you want to buy a ticket mark June 1st on your calendars. B7Klan will start selling tickets for the shows at 10am (BST) on their official website.

Source: jpopasia.com

30 day jrock challenge:
  • Day 1: Your favourite J-Rock group.
  • Day 2: Your least favourite J-Rock group.
  • Day 3: The most overrated J-Rock group.
  • Day 4: The most underrated J-Rock group.
  • Day 5: Your favorite J-Rock song.
  • Day 6: Your favourite J-Rock video.
  • Day 7: A J-Rock song that makes you cry.
  • Day 8: A J-Rock song you know all the words to.
  • Day 9: Your favorite J-Rock performance.
  • Day 10: How you first got into J-Rock.
  • Day 11: The very first J-Rock song you ever heard.
  • Day 12: Your favourite J-Rock singer.
  • Day 13: Your favourite J-Rock drummer.
  • Day 14: Your favourite J-Rock guitarist.
  • Day 15: Your favourite J-Rock bassist.
  • Day 16: Your favorite J-Rock lyric (and a translation).
  • Day 17: Your ultimate J-Rock idol.
  • Day 18: Your favourite J-Rock cover song.
  • Day 19: Best live J-Rock group.
  • Day 20: Your favorite picture of your J-Rock idol.
  • Day 21: Your favourite piece of J-Rock merchendise.
  • Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite J-Rock group.
  • Day 23: Your favourite J-Rock tour.
  • Day 24: A J-Rock song that makes you happy.
  • Day 25: A J-Rock group that you have seen live.
  • Day 26: Your favourite interview with a J-Rock group.
  • Day 27: A J-Rock member that you would like to meet.
  • Day 28: A J-Rock group you wish would get back together.
  • Day 29: A J-Rock song you never get tired of.
  • Day 30: Your favourite J-Rock album.

DO it!

Our beloved JRR staff did one as well, here is the archive.


Dir en Grey Announces Tour 2013 “GHOUL” U.S. and Canada

Great news for Dir en Grey fans! The band has officially announced the news of the next leg of the bands tour 2013 “GHOUL” in November which will include the U.S. and one date in Toronto, Canada. Ticketing information is on the bands official website. Tickets for V.I.P. are being offered on July 16th and general tickets go on sale July 19th, except Denver, Colorado that go on sale July 20th.

The American leg of the bands last tour was cancelled due to Kyo the vocalist having many problems with his throat requiring surgery, and was hospitalized which JPopAsia reported last May and led to the cancellation which caused much concern and disappointment for the ticketholders.

The band will touring throughout Japan in September and October before the trip across the Pacific Ocean to perform for their overseas fans.

The Concert dates are as follows:

11/3(sun) Trees– Dallas, Texas
11/4(mon) Scout Bar– Houston, Texas
11/6(wed) Center Stage–Atlanta, Georgia
11/8(fri) Baltimore Soundstage– Baltimore, Maryland
11/9(sat) The Theatre of Living Arts–Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11/11(mon) Irving Plaza– New York, New York
11/12(tue) Paradise Rock Club– Boston, Massachusetts
11/13(thurs) The Opera House– Toronto, Ontario, Canada
11/16 (sat) House of Blues– Chicago, Illinois
-11/17(sun) The Varsity Theater– Minneapolis, Minnesota
11/19(tue) The Bluebird Theatre– Denver, Colorado
11/21(thu) Showbox at the Market– Seattle, Washington
11/23(sat) The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center– San Francisco, California
11/24(sun) House of Blues Sunset Strip– West Hollywood, California

Opening for Dir en Grey and who will accompany them on the entire tour will be French metal band DAGOBA.

Source: jpopasia.com

-OZ- to Disband

Visual kei band -OZ- have announced that they are to disband, following eight-and-a-half years of activity.

The band will hold their last one-man tour this summer, titled THE LAST CRY, and their final performance will take place on June 16th at Shibuya O-WEST. The members thank their fans for their continued support and promise to give everything that they have in their short time left as a band.

Before disbanding, -OZ- will release a best-of album on April 3rd. Titled COMPLETE BEST ALBUM, the release will feature tracks from across the band’s career and will consist of four discs.

Information from jame-world.com