Gif Challenge Because They Are Fun!

37th Gif is your life 2 years ago

29th is your life now

35th is who you will be married to

…no complaints :D

9th is your reaction to how your relationship will end


8th is your new husband

sungmin? not upset anymore! XD

32nd is you on your wedding day

21st is your mother/father-in-law

awww ryeowook!…or the giraffe? *confused*

13th is you finding out you are pregnant


11th is your husband’s reaction to the pregnancy

so much excitement XD

36th is your first child

all 9 of them at once? 0_0

27th is the family pet


50th is your reaction to your kid leaving home

59th is your 25th wedding anniversary

spitting in my hubby’s face? seems likely lol

25th is your reaction to finding out you are going to be a grandparent

Last gif is you on your death bed