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Speaking about FADELESS

Radio DJ: Aoi-san too had something to do with a woman, hadn’t he?

Aoi: Eh?

Radio DJ: in the PV, right? At some points you appeared without playing your guitar !

Aoi: No! *laugh* That one.. *laugh* ..wasn’t a woman! *laughs and points Uruha out*

Reita and Ruki were laughing, they tried to hold it in but they could’t.

Radio DJ: Mh? Uruha-san?

Uruha wasn’t really paying attention, he was startled for a bit and took the microphone.

Uruha: Eh…?

Radio DJ: You weren’t listening to what we were saying, were you?

All the others burst out laughing.

Uruha: I’m sorry! *smile* The PV? Yes, we shot some scenes together, Aoi and I, after a long time. It was cool !