jrock piano

Speaking of piano covers, this is Voltage unrelated but here’s me playing the chorus to Oldcodex’s ‘Aching Horns’ (a more softer/slower/ballad-y version of the original song LMAO) on piano. If you’re a fan of the anime Free, then you guys should know this as the theme song to the High Speed movie. I uploaded this onto my personal Facebook yesterday and thought I should share it here too. o u o


Hey, is this what you were thinking
when you have out your hands out like this?
The melody spun on the keys
Ah, I never realized that you loved me this much, but now it’s too late
On rainy days, you always snuggled up to me
And sang as I played the piano
The notes flew just like they do today
If you were here with me now
I know I could definitely say it
But I can’t reach up to heaven

Hey, someday I’ll come back home to you
When that day I’ll see you, will I be able to say it?
Ah, I never realized that you loved me this much, so I couldn’t say this, but
Thank you
Thank you


4F9. The KIDDIE.

First of many uploads today.  Enjoy!