jrock love


Depicting Atsushi in poetry.

The darkness falls upon my eyes, the unbearable presence of death haunts now, I open my eyes in despair, but the darkness still remains, way following the cold sound of the wind, way on a floor of crimson cool down the soles of my feet endless. .., so difficult .., My exhausted body breaking to pieces …, over this darkness I want to go with this pain, I lose myself in everything like this, you haunted all my dreams, YOU !! my greatest nightmare, my sweetest bitter, you took all sanity on who I am, on my fragile being, my black angel, seductive demon, take me to the end, take me out of the now, I drag myself to you slowly, like a serpent … My fingers plead his body, my lips yearn for the taste of theirs … I feel myself drowning in a sea of ​​absurd sensations and burning fire … Insane pleasure, obsessive passion, mortal sin , hold me in your arms, so difficult until I lose my breath, if in darkness and where you live desire so, take me to the end, take me to the end.

Author:Keila roos wiltte(MY FRIEND)

櫻井敦司 -1990