jrock birthdays



A very Happy Birthday to one of our favourite and most delicious singers, Ruki. You have the voice of angel, leading many out of darkness and into the light with its beautiful sound.

With your marvellous creativity, hard work and handsome features just what is a girl to do. Those hips and that tongue…. my oh my… I’ve never been jealous of an inanimate object before.

We hope this special day of yours is as beautiful and wonderful as you are - Tiger & Cat



Happy Birthday, my love. You shamelessly perverted, incredibly talented sexy man.

Oh what I would give to just forget everything with you, even if it’s just for one night. Too indulge in pleasure. Too breathe a sweet poison deep into my deepest depths, until you find that secret place inside of me.

We hope you have the happiest and sexiest of birthdays my perverted prince.

Lots of love - Tiger & Cat