Chirinuruwowaka- “Mizuiro no Koi”


DALLAS LIVE REPORT VIP MEET AND GREET Ok so a couple of things to start off with. 1. There were 2 separate lines from the beginning of people who were vip and general admission. 2. Hersey people received a wrist band and they formed a 3rd line, they entered after the VIP people. 3. There were no badges given to the VIP meet and greet people all we got was an orange paper wrist thing that meant we were VIP. 4. VIP got in 2 hrs before the show and the first thing they made us do was get our shirts because they couldn’t guaranty us our shirts after the show. Which makes no sense to be honest because you should guaranty my shirt since I paid for this whole VIP thing.The shirt VIP gets is the one with the gazette logo on the front and the words abyssus, abyssum, invocat on the back. The shirt itself is thin not thick. 5. There were boxes where people could leave gifts for the band WHICH WOULD OF BEEN NICE TO KNOW. I wanted to give them something but since no one had mentioned anything about it I didn’t take anything TTATT. I was so sad BUT I had a little tiny rubber ducky that I took with me wishful thinking that if the chance would come up to magically run into the band after the show I could give Uruha the duck. Well I ended up putting the ducky in the Uruha box!!!! XD
If I had known that there were boxes I would of gotten something nice or written a letter.
So heads up to other fans there are boxes</p>
The boxes were next to the merch.

Alright then …
So after we got our shirts we could get in line for merch
I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of the merch because there was a decision my friend and I had to make….
Stay in line for merch OR go in the venue and try to get as close as possible to the stage.
We made our decision and went into the venue.

I don’t remember everything there but I’ll write down some of the merch

Stuff for $15 :
Ugly single
Bear key chain
Pouches : one of them had RAD on it another was black with a white design on it.


Other stuff I remember
Desk top calendar.
Ugly poster
Sweater $65
Tote bag

Inside we went to the side with the least people and it was Uruha’s. We ended up being in the second row and I was really excited. Uruha is my favorite so it worked out, I ended up where I wanted TAT💕.
The thing was I was tired and sunburned with a headache and we still had to wait another 2 hours inside for the show. I felt like the wait for the concert was so long, the longest I’ve had to wait. I think the sun took a toll on a lot of us XD.

When the roadies were coming out to check the equipment everyone started cheering, pretty sure it threw them off but it was exciting to see the guitars.
Anyways as the show was approaching I started getting excited and nervous. Then the mc guy came on and introduced the gazette, everyone in the crowd was cheering and screaming. The intro song came on and we all started loosing it. Kai was the first one to come out followed by Uruha. Uruha came to his post and I was loosing it because he was so close it couldn’t believe it. He looked too good, his hair was perfection, and his outfit was on point.
The first song they started off with was DOGMA and it was crazy. So Uruha is a huge tease throwing kisses and giving us flirty looks. Uruha would move a lot in his general area or go to towards middle but, he didn’t really move to Aoi or Reita’s side.
During Dogma Aoi came to our side and he was just straight up messing with us. He was smiling and he bit his lip and just making sexual faces. Everyone was loosing it I just kept screaming Aoi. He threw me off because it was so early on in the concert that he came our way. Sadly it was the only time really he was that close to our side.
The Uruha side was legit yo! Like he was pumping us up kept teasing us making his ducky face, and would get close to the edge of the stage. He would move his hips around and would do a lot of hand gestures to pump is up.
I don’t remember what song it was when he got his guitar and kissed it . We lost our minds.

Me and my friend kept trying to call Reita over to our side because we wanted to see him up close. It was funny at one point their camera crew was recording Reita and he zoomed it close to his face and we were saying “ hey even the camera man wants him to get closer XD ”.

During hyena finally Reita came to our side and again we all lost it since we hadn’t had some Reita action. He stuck his tongue at us and made all of us scream. He then left us wanting more Reita time. He just looked so damn cool with his hair on point and his new nosedana which is now pretty much a mask.

I stared at Kai for the longest time. He just looked so happy the whole time playing the drums. It didn’t seem like there was a time when he was playing the dreams and wasn’t smiling.

When filth in the beauty came on it was crazy I knew that I had to give it my all and head bang all the way through the SEXUAL DISGRACE part. Left me so dizzy but it had to be done. Towards the end of the concert I was going to fall on the floor because I had gone all out, and my body couldn’t keep up anymore. My friends had to keep pushing me back to my spot.

Everyone was chanting for them to come back for the encore and of course they came back out. Ruki and Kai took pictures of us!!

Ruki moved around plenty so it seemed like everyone got some Ruki. I liked hearing Ruki say Dallas it was cute. When Ruki came out with the flag the fans signed he was having trouble getting it on the platform in front of him because the flag was so huge. It was funny and cute to see him struggle with the flag. He said one moment XD while he was trying to get that situated.

For the encore they played cockroach which was awesome I didn’t see that coming and people sang the beginning of the song “trash smell”. Everyone was jumping during the chorus. Then attitude came on and I was jamming. Basically during the whole concert I was either jumping, head banging, or actually dancing XD.
They ended with tomorrow never dies.

There was about half an hour left before meet and greet so we decided to go to the restroom and freshen up a little bit. I changed into my band shirt to feel a little more refreshed.

There was a huge line but it went by pretty fast.
As I was approaching I started to get nervous but I had to say stuff to them.
Uruha was first and I told he’s my favorite and that I loved him in Japanese he was just smiling and said thank you. When I got to Kai he said thank you before I had said anything. I told him he had a bright smile and he smiled and laughed and said thank you again. I threw him off.
To Ruki I told him he was cool and Reita that he was handsome. Lastly to Aoi I called him a superstar and he said thank you in Japanese.

It all happened so fast for me to even get emotional after the handshake I got a little teary but I didn’t cry.

It’s like I’m in disbelief that the dreams of my 15 year old self finally came true at 23. After so long I finally got to see them live and even got to meet them up close. I couldn’t say to them how much they mean to me, but I expressed myself during the concert and I hope those feelings got across. I think it’s gonna take a while for the whole thing to sink in to be honest.

So many years seeing them through a screen and then one day getting to actually touch them I just never imagined that to happen to me.
The live made me just for that day forget the troubles that I’m facing right now. I think that’s what concerts are all about letting loose and leaving your problems at the door just for those couple of hours of awesomeness.

I wish I could go back to Monday and live it again and again because I can’t believe my dream of seeing the gazette became a reality.
Thank you gazette for making my dreams come true and my life sometimes easier.
Thank you for existing 💕

The GazettE

I finally saw them live.

When I was twelve, my friend introduced me to them. I thought their hair was weird. They screamed, and I didn’t like it. But I fell so in love with Ruki’s voice. My first song was Filth in the Beauty.

They were all I listened to. I was made fun of because of it. People thought I was weird because I loved Japanese music. When I said I did, they would mock it. But I would go home every night and listen to their beautiful and intense songs.

They’re my heroes.

I was raised on their style. Visual Kei inspired me. It very well could be the reason I love androgyny.

When they came onstage, I was crying. Ruki’s face was lit up. Kai was smiling like always. And when Ruki started singing, my heart melted. His voice is even better live.

The last song they played was my first song. Filth in the Beauty. I sang the whole song with him. When it ended, a shiver went up my spine.

After the show, I was walking to my car and saw them through a wooden door that was barred at the end. They were kicking through the bars playfully. I peeked in through the wood. Aoi (or Uruha, I couldn’t tell, I didn’t see much of him) and Ruki were smoking, and Aoi was laughing. I just smiled and said, “domo arigatou.” Aoi made eye contact with me and nodded with a smile. Ruki said something and nudged his bandmate, but I walked away. I was an arms reach from them.

For eight years I have idolized them, and dreamed of their shows. I wish I could go to my young self and say, you’ll see them live someday. It’ll be the best $120 you’ve ever spent.

I got a shirt. Not as much of a memento as the lucky few who got Kai’s drumsticks. Enough for me, though.

It may seem like nothing, but this was a dream of mine for a lot of my life. They were all I had for years of bullying and torment.

This is so much of an honor.