Plastic Tree - 「落花 - Rakka - 」 MV

Hi! As you might know, European fans are joining their strength to reach their goal of bringing the band to Europe. 

But, of course, we need the help of all of you, to spread the word, to make everyone know about this. 

There is a group in Facebook created to keep all the fans updated. And also, all the European Teams have information in their own pages. You can find information, links and the group clicking right here.

Whether you speak English, Finnish, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Danish or Swedish, you will find information. If not, just ask us!

Repost, and share it with your friends!

Aoi: H…how was it?? OMINOUS~?
Aoi: I see I see, thank you vomers.

Reita: There’s about 3 more weeks until the release date. Please feel the world of DOGMA little by little.

Aoi: The manager of some car wash had a massive attitude. So much chagrin.

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Just a few more hours left to send in your questions for exist†trace! Don’t miss your chance to have the band read your question and your name in our next Video Q&A!